What did Wolf Messing predict for Russia in 2020? The country faces many changes and trials

At one time, Wolf Messing was considered an influential soothsayer and telepath. There are many legends and stories around it. For example, they say that he easily passed through the guards to Stalin’s office. Some of his predictions related to 2020.

Should we trust his predictions? Well, the fact is that some of them have already come true:

  • start of World War II. No one could guess about this, because there was a non-aggression pact between Germany and the USSR.
  • end of World War II. Moreover, Messing even pointed to the exact date – May 8th. He said that Russian tanks would enter the German capital and win the war.
  • leader’s death. The soothsayer said that Stalin would die on a Jewish holiday if he continued to persecute these people. So it turned out that he died on March 5, and a few days later the Jews celebrated the holiday of Purim, which is a symbol of the struggle for survival.

Messing’s predictions for 2020

What should happen to Russia in 2020? Wolf Messing said that the country would have to go through a series of transformations and trials. And we are talking about economic reforms, crises, natural disasters, and so on. But stability should return by the end of the year. Moreover, the life of the Russian population will gradually improve due to the improvement of the quality of education and medicine.

Messing also said that Russia would cease to participate in military conflicts and become a peacekeeping state. But he also hinted that the country would have time to expand its borders, which can be seen from the situation with Crimea. At the end of 2020, a new leader should declare himself, who will lead Russia on the right course.

Messing wrote that the economic situation would be difficult, but the country would recover without serious losses. Those who invest in new technologies and modernize production can count on the future. But those who cling to the old rules and orders will fail. The soothsayer also hinted that Russia cannot always rely on natural resources, because problems will arise. This can now be judged by the fall in oil prices.

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