Elder Seraphim Vyritsky and his prophecies (4 photos)

At least once in a lifetime, you need to light a candle for those whom we offended, cheated, stole from whom, did not return the debt.

Vasily Nikolaevich Muravyov is the name of a saint in the world, was born in 1866 in the Yaroslavl province. Father and mother were deeply religious people. At an early age, Vasily lost his father, and at the age of 10 he left to work in St. Petersburg. The boy worked as a messenger in one of the shops of Gostiny Dvor. He was a very diligent and diligent worker, and soon the owner began to trust him completely and entrusted the most difficult cases.

But from early childhood, the boy’s dream was a monastic life. When the young man was 14 years old, he came to the monastery and told an old man about his dream. The elder listened to him attentively and said that Vasily still needed to do good deeds, then get married, raise children, and only then, together with his wife, come to the monastery.

Elder Seraphim Vyritsky and his prophecies (4 photos)

The guy was very smart and smart with a mathematical mindset, he was self-educated, studied commercial disciplines, read spiritual books and prayed. And at the age of 16, the owner made him a clerk, and later a senior clerk, and in the future he hoped that Vasily would become his companion. At work, he often travels to Moscow, where he meets Barnabas of Gethsemane in the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh. In 1890, Vasily finds his chosen one and marries her. Two years later, he opens his own business and sells furs. But he does not gravitate toward wealth and big money; he does not need funds to help the temple and his loved ones. There was a custom in the family of Vasily Nikolayevich, on major Christian holidays, after the liturgy, they laid tables and called the poor for refreshments. Then a son was born, after a daughter, but the girl went to another world.

Elder Seraphim Vyritsky and his prophecies (4 photos)

With the advent of the revolution of 1917, Muravyov’s business fell apart, and in 1920 Vasily and his wife Olga were tonsured monks, giving them the names Barnabas and Christina. In 1921, Vasily (Barnabas) became a hieromonk. The family donated all their property for the benefit of the temple. In 1926 he was tonsured a confessor and named Seraphim. In 1930, Seraphim and his wife, schema-nun Seraphim, left for Vyritsa, as Father Seraphim became ill and could already get out of bed. Until his last days, the elder received people and blessed them.

“Now I will always be unwell… As long as my hand is raised in blessing, I will receive people!”

The elder prayed a lot and for a long time, and when the Great Patriotic War began, he began to pray every day. They say that with prayers he saved Vyritsa and not one house was damaged there by the war, and he also predicted the victory of the Russian people in the war. In 1949, Seraphim Vyritsky passed away.

Elder Seraphim Vyritsky and his prophecies (4 photos)

During his lifetime, Seraphim Vyritsky uttered many prophecies. So what did the old man prophesy?

– He said that a spiritual flowering would come in Russia and non-believers would come from all over the world to be baptized here;
“Then the Antichrist will come, and if the people do not come to repentance, then brother will stand against brother;
– There will come times when Russia will be torn apart, divided and robbed, the West will give its eastern part to China;
– The Far East of Russia will go to Japan, China will dominate in Siberia and the Urals;
– Many countries will be against Russia, but she will stand, although she will not save her lands;
– The Great War, which was prophesied by many elders and soothsayers, to unite all people on earth and a single government will be elected;
– Jerusalem will become the capital of Israel, and then of the whole world;
– There will be great persecution of Christians and very difficult and terrible times will come …. But we will not live to see these times;

Elder Seraphim spoke a lot about the youth:

The times are coming when the corruption and decadence of the morals of the young will reach their last limits.

Almost no one will remain uncorrupted. They will consider that everything is permitted to them to satisfy their whims and lusts, because they will see their impunity. They will gather in companies and gangs, steal, debauchery.

Hard times will come for Russia.

There will be a time when forty people for one righteous person will ask him to pray to the Lord for them.

How much the Lord gave grace to Russia: what forests, lakes, rivers, rich bowels of the earth. But we live without God, and the earth is a mother, she gives bread and life. Our enemies and the God-fighting authorities will not allow people to return to the earth for a long time. It is possible to feed everyone and arrange everything, but it is not profitable for the enemies – they are afraid of Russia revived.

Salvation of the world – from Russia, and St. Petersburg will become the spiritual center of the country.

These are the terrible prophecies. And to believe in it or not is YOUR private business.

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