Wolf Messing’s predictions for modern Russia

Wolf Messing is quite famous both in our country and abroad. And in some circles, his popularity just rolls over. At the same time, some consider him the owner of incredible and fantastic abilities, while others tend to believe in his hypnotic and psychological talents. But no one doubts that he was an outstanding person.

His speeches are widely known, in which he showed the ability to read minds and even impose visions on the subject. Deep hypnosis was also part of his technique. Although, for the sake of truth, it should be noted that some of his merits are considered fictitious or a hoax. But even what is confirmed is quite impressive.

Against this background, it is interesting to know what Messing predicted for Russia. Moreover, his notes have been preserved and it is possible to compare his prophecies and the present state of affairs. Unlike the predictions of most other prophets, his predictions are quite specific in time and events, and not vague.

For the second decade of the 21st century, Wolf Messing predicted difficult times for Russia. The main rivals of the country will be the United States and China. If there has always been a confrontation with the first country, then the second power has only restored its power after centuries of vegetation and is striving to restore its former greatness. But they will behave very differently.

America will lead an open confrontation, feeling its strength. The descendants of the settlers know how to be cunning, but prefer to demonstrate power and determination. As an edification to others, they often act ahead, boldly sweeping away obstacles in their path. Of course, according to the prophet, they will not dare to attack, but they will not particularly hide their intentions.

But the eastern neighbor will rely more on undercover intrigue. In fact, China has behaved this way in most cases throughout history. He can confidently smile in his face, hiding a knife behind his back. With such a neighbor, you must always be on your guard.

But for Russia, all this will not be a disaster. On the contrary, in the fight against strong rivals, according to Messing, she will increase her power and influence. The guarantor of success will be the most powerful weapons system on the planet, which will allow peace to reign in the world. Starting with increasing influence in Eurasia, Russia will extend its power to the entire globe. This will ensure the impossibility of a new World War for at least another century.

The next is still unknown. Wolf Messing didn’t look that far. He only said that humanity will go through two cycles of rise and fall, but when all this will happen remains a mystery. It remains only to answer “wait and see.”

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