Vera Lyon Predictions for 2021

Vera Lion was born on February 14, 1962 in Yekaterinburg.

Received secondary vocational education as a specialist – telephonist of an international station. Hereditary healer with 24 years of experience.

She is an animal advocate and philanthropist. She has now moved to Russia and lives in Troitsk.

Does not like society at all, has no friends, relatives. He does not smoke, does not drink, devotes a lot of time to self-development and esoteric practices. Appreciates kindness, sincerity, honor in people.

The most famous and fulfilled prophecies of Vera Lyon:

  • The collapse of the USSR
  • Gorbachev’s resignation
  • Yanukovych’s victory in the elections in Ukraine
  • Two world crises, default

From the predictions:

Kazakhstan will be crushed by the virus. The situation with the coronavirus there will worsen until the authorities admit that they cannot control everything themselves and ask for help from outside.

America will fall, the situation there will get completely out of control and the authorities will not be able to do anything. Mass riots, re-election of the President of the United States, the collapse of the economy.

Merkel’s resignation due to a large man-made disaster in Germany at the beginning of 2021.

Strong solar wind towards the Earth. The ozone layer of our planet will be weakened by that time due to the detrimental impact of people on the environment. Many animals will be forced to leave their usual habitats.

So is the struggle for power in Ukraine. The assassination attempt on Zelensky, perhaps more than one. He will be forced to flee Ukraine. Impeachment.

The fall of a small asteroid into the Pacific Ocean by the end of 2021. Special attention should be paid to this prediction, because the consequences will not be long in coming in any country in the world. Japan will suffer huge damage through the tsunami. The shift of tectonic plates will cause earthquakes around the world from 4 to 8 points. Mass chaos.

Second wave of Coronavirus. There will be up to 20 million infected worldwide. The WHO acknowledges that the situation is critical and that options for hiding in underground bunkers should be considered until the end of the pandemic.

Moscow is on the verge of going underground, the voids formed under the city, which appeared as a result of mining, cannot support the weight of the city. Failures will begin in different parts of the city.

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