Predictions of genius scientist Stephen Hawking regarding the future of mankind

Stephen Hawking was one of the outstanding geniuses in the field of physics. Often one could hear from time to time about his scientific discoveries, which became the foundation for future scientific developments. In addition to the fact that the scientist made many different discoveries in the field of physics, he often expressed his Toli analytical thoughts, toli predictions about our future. What did Stephen Hawking warn people who will live in the future.

1. Hawking argued that humanity should not be afraid of the ice age, but it should be afraid of a period of global heat. To avoid numerous victims, he proposed a number of measures that humanity should take to escape the “heat” and described it in his book.

2. Artificial intelligence in the near future will begin to get out of control when it develops enough and pushes the human race into the background. Stephen Hawking spoke about this at a conference on information technology and the Internet in the spring of 2017.

3. The hadron collider can destroy our universe. He did not rule out that under the influence of a large collider both our planet and the entire universe could go into another state (physical). Also, according to his thoughts, he could not give an assessment of what can be will live in a new altered physical state or not.

4. According to his calculations, Hawking did not rule out that one day the Earth would collide with an asteroid of such magnitude that humanity would face not only an ice age, but a much worse event. The complete destruction of the planet, as a result of which a belt of millions of fragments of our planet will be created from our planet.

5. There may not be enough land for everyone. When humanity reaches 11 billion, epidemics and a lack of resources will fall upon it. Hawking also added that by 2050, if humanity increases production capacity, it will have to forget about clean air. Everyone a person will wear masks and protective filters to protect the respiratory organs from the harm of chemical compounds that will supersaturate the air.

6. Stephen Hawking also warned that soon he would have to meet with an extraterrestrial civilization and they would most likely turn out to be conquering nomads. Perhaps numerous TV shows and movies got their life thanks to Hawking’s statements.

Perhaps Stephen Hawking was able to look where an ordinary person is not given. Or maybe this person just has a brilliant analytical mindset? What do you think?

Here are some analytical forecasts, some predictions left by Stephen Hawking for people who will live in the 21st century.

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