7 prophecies of Vanga

  1. Be careful: soon new diseases unknown to people will come to us. People will fall in the streets for no apparent reason, no apparent disease. Even those who have never been sick will become seriously ill. But all this can still be prevented, because it is in our power.
  2. The day will come when Russian mothers will give birth to spiritual people on planet Earth, and American mothers will give birth to technological people. So two nations will save the world.
  3. The time of miracles will come, and science will make major discoveries in the field of the non-material. Scientists will reveal a lot about the future of our planet and the universe. And the data about this will be gleaned from the ancient sacred books. With their help, many ancient mysteries will finally be solved.
  4. It is rare that a person lives in affinity with his planets and stars. People are blind. And even when I warn them about the fateful day, they are careless and frivolous. Thousands perish under the millstones of fate. Like a hare flying in the headlights under the wheels of a car. And after all, it was necessary to wait a bit.
  5. All diseases are from the vanity of vanities. Look into the starry sky more often, and the harmony of the cosmos will help the formation of harmony in the soul.
  6. To get rid of illnesses and ailments, one must become a very kind and sensitive person. The earth expects gratitude from us for the fact that we came and live on it. We pay our debts to the Earth like rent. Every person pays.
  7. It is not necessary to fight for peace with weapons in hand. If you breathe good thoughts into people, you will take a serious step towards achieving peace. Many leaders of various countries have concentrated their efforts in this direction. There is no other way out. We need to treat each other with kindness and love in order to be saved. Everyone be saved. Together.

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