Macarius’ prophecy about the Chinese

There was such a schema-nun Macarius. And now she is considered a prophetess.

According to the type of blessed story, she treated people from childhood – she was a healer. And in order not to fall into the definitions condemned by the Bible – a psychic and a witch – she is called this: she had the divine gift of healing .

She gave prophecies after a 14-day lethargic sleep . There she dreamed of a journey through the Kingdom of Heaven (maybe aliens were taken to UFOs, they would say nonce).

What did Makaria (Theodosia Artemyev in the world) learn about the future?

  • There will be an Apocalypse soon, and our generation will be a witness to it – alas, several generations have already changed, and the Apocalypse (that is, Revelation) has not been revealed to people.
  • In the future, people will be greedy and evil, the road to Paradise will be closed to them – it is impossible to assess whether people have become angrier and greedier or not. But apparently it can not be considered so indiscriminately. As for the road to Paradise , it cannot be estimated, for what is this ” paradise “?
  • Our time today is the time of the evil one, since evil will spread on earth – judging by the fact that she was born in 1926, and she began to prophesy not earlier than 1944 (lethargy at 18), when evil ALREADY swallowed Russia, it is impossible to say that after her words, evil became many times more.
  • There will be changes in the Church, and God will turn away from Christians. And so who will believe with all his heart, those will spread rot. Many Churches will also be closed – everything would be fine, but again, a discrepancy in historical times, churches and believers were especially rotten before her birth and when she was small. During the Second World War, the churches, on the contrary, were given an indulgence and they began to open again.
  • The age to come will be the age of sorcerers , depending on the meaning. If in the sense of the words of Anastasia (“The Ringing Cedars of Russia”), then now is just an occult age .
  • The climate will turn back. Summer will be short and winter long. The earth will be covered by cold weather and natural disasters. The day will be shortened and darkness will rule the Earth – I can say that this prediction is nonsense or past. Global warming is on the contrary and we are now experiencing a year without winter.
  • Regarding the war, Macaria said: ” Wait for all the danger from the east .” And she clarified about the Chinese: In the future there will be an invasion of the Chinese. “The Chinese are very mean.” This is the most terrible misfortune of mankind . Makaria was sure that the #Chinese would want to take over half of the globe, since they would have nowhere to live – alas, she did not predict anything about the #coronavirus , and all the danger from the Chinese seems to be Ali Express.

Conclusion: all these predictions are either from Macarius, or composed without her by illiterate parishioners of the church or nuns. Not a single point of prophecy can withstand banal criticism. Amen!

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