Reliable predictions for 2019 for Russia (3 photos)

I am often asked what are the predictions for 2019 for Russia. Well-known soothsayers were rarely wrong – therefore, such interest is not surprising. I have collected the most reliable forecasts for you in this article.

Pavel Globa’s forecast

Once upon a time, Paul managed to make reliable predictions, so you should listen to his forecasts even now.

What he says about the events that await us in 2019:

  1. Globa believes that the coming year for our country will be more joyful than the past crisis. It promises the state an increase in power, alliances with large countries. He believes that it will be possible to establish allied relations even with those powers that previously had only been dreamed of.
  2. As for the international situation, the prognosis here is not so encouraging. Pavel believes that the situation will remain tense for a long time to come. Therefore, it is desirable for the government to build up defense power and invest money in the development of the army.
  3. Ordinary people will still have to save some time and “tighten their belts”. Because of this situation, it is possible that discontent will grow. But in fact, the difficult period will come to an end very soon, so you just need to wait a while.
  4. This year will continue the era in which enterprising people will be enriched even more. And those who are used to blaming the state for all the troubles, being lazy and not trying to increase their income, may find themselves at the very bottom. Therefore, it is time to start working with your mindset, set the right financial goals and go to them with all your might.
  5. The economic situation should level off a bit. Globa believes that the ruble will strengthen its positions, and inflation will decrease.

As for negative forecasts, they are as follows:

  1. Some major political figures will leave for the other world.
  2. The unemployment rate will grow exponentially due to the fact that the labor of people will be able to largely replace machines.
  3. The ecological situation in the world will worsen, and people will have to develop new habitats.
  4. Two large states will begin their confrontation on the world stage. Where this will lead is still unknown.
  5. But science will make a lot of progress. People will start using solar panels and get a cure for cancer.

Matrona of Moscow

The famous healer and seer also did not leave people without her predictions.

Reliable predictions for 2019 for Russia (3 photos)

What does she predict for Russia in 2019:

  1. Matrona believes that times in Russia will come far from the best. This is primarily due to the economic situation. People will live in need, which will even force many to move from cities to villages – closer to the breadwinner-land.
  2. The authorities will ignore such a situation for a long time, because all their attention will be switched to strengthening and establishing diplomatic relations with other powers.
  3. It is quite possible that it is in 2019 that a very powerful union of three states will be formed, one of which will be our country.
  4. Matrona promises trouble to the countries of Europe and the USA. She believes that these states will gradually lose their spheres of influence. Also, natural disasters will rage on the territory of their countries every now and then.


The most mysterious soothsayer also left his predictions. It is not known how correctly the researchers managed to interpret the predictions of Nostradamus, but it is still worth sharing them.

Reliable predictions for 2019 for Russia (3 photos)

The predictions are:

  1. It promises Russia a colossal strengthening of its prestige. Our state will be able to influence the situation that is happening on the world stage. And the fate of entire peoples will largely depend on the decisions of the inhabitants of Russia.
  2. Nostradamus also believed that Siberia would gradually become the center of Russia. So far it sounds pretty fabulous. But it is possible that some noticeable changes in this direction will begin in 2019.
  3. The soothsayer believed that an influx of brilliant minds would begin, which would be able to “raise Russia from its knees”, strengthen science and make many new discoveries in various fields.
  4. But the ecological situation will worsen even more. It is important for people to stop only consuming, because natural resources are not endless. You should learn to use them more rationally.
  5. Nostradamus predicted some kind of “great war” for the whole world. But not the way we imagine it in the usual sense. Researchers believe that we are talking about an information war.
  6. Like many other predictors, Nostradamus is sure that the era of spiritually and intellectually developing people is coming. Those who do not pick up new trends will be “overboard”. Therefore, it is extremely important for each person to invest in their own education and engage in spiritual development.


Vanga always gave very vague and ambiguous predictions. It’s not easy to decipher them. And, it is possible that unfulfilled predictions are only the fault of researchers who misinterpreted the words of the seer.

What Vanga promises people in 2019:

  1. She believed that a colossal reset would begin during this period of time. The complete destruction of the old world and the creation of a new one. More moral, spiritual, less limited. Despite the fact that the prospects sound very inspiring, such global changes are impossible without serious upheavals, therefore, Russia, its citizens, and the whole world as a whole can literally “storm”.
  2. Vanga believed that sooner or later it was Russia that would turn out to be the most powerful, developed and promising state. Beacon for all other countries. It is the power that may turn out to be “Noah’s Ark”, which will lead the whole world to spirituality.

Let’s summarize:

  • Forecasts from different sources vary slightly. Someone promises Russia difficulties and failures, someone promises only a wonderful future.
  • But almost everyone agrees on one thing: Russia is entering an era of spiritual and intellectual development. People need to throw all their efforts into self-development, education and faith in God.
  • It is also the beginning of the era of entrepreneurs, people who strive to grow constantly in their income. They will stay afloat, unlike ordinary people.

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