Predictions of seers about the Third World War

After the end of the Second World War, a great leap forward in the development of modern weapons and an unstable political situation on the world stage, many people have the question: “Will there be a Third World War?”

Paying attention to the predictions of the future from clairvoyants of different times, you can see that almost all of them agree that a big disaster cannot be avoided.

Predictions of seers about the Third World War.

  1. Nostradamus. Like all his visions of the future, information about the third war is also encrypted in his katrans. They say that it will start from the lands of Iraq and will go on for 27 years. Along with it will come periodic famine, “hail”, many dead, and the rivers will turn red.
  2. Grigory Rasputin. In his visions, the world wars were described as three snakes. They crawled along European roads, leaving ashes, smoke and death. But they will also die by the sword, dragging people through blood and dust.
  3. Vanga. The Bulgarian seer spoke of the war rather vaguely. It will appear “When Syria falls”. It will be a religious battle between East and West on the territory of European countries.
  4. Sara Hoffman. American clairvoyant predicts World War III as a nuclear war. The first missile, in her opinion, will be launched by Iran from Libya, and after it all other countries will use atomic bombs. It will not last long and will be accompanied by the invasion of Russia and China on US lands.
  5. Seraphim Vyritsky. The elder predicted the next war after the second, and it would be even worse and would be the result of the seizure of Russian lands by China.
  6. Veronica Luken is a soothsayer who was told the events about the future by the Mother of God and Jesus. According to forecasts, the war will begin from Morroco, Jerusalem and Egypt. And it will be creepy, where the living will begin to envy the dead. But the key to these developments is Syria. It will either keep the peace, or it will be the impetus for a battle that will take three-quarters of the countries of the planet.
  7. Wolf Messing. The most famous mind reader of the USSR did not like to make large-scale forecasts. But the third world be inevitable. The beginning will be the conflicts between Russia and America. China, taking advantage of a moment of weakness, will try to break the Russian Federation and a nuclear war will begin.

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