What awaits Russia in 2020: the prediction of astrologer Pavel Globa

The coming year will bring changes both in the political and public life of the country and the world.
The predictions of the famous astrologer Pavla Globa have always been highly accurate. The astrologer, who gained his popularity 30 years ago, foresaw many future events of those years: armed conflicts and clashes on religious grounds. This time, the soothsayer made a forecast for 2020, touching on the fate of not only Russia, but also other countries.

Globa believes that 2020 will be a turning point in many ways, especially in the political life of the world. In particular, the astrologer is confident that the influence of the United States will gradually fade away. This year, America will hold presidential elections, the results of which will affect relations with Russia. Only a change of one of the two leaders, in his opinion, will have a positive impact on the attitude of countries.

In Europe , the process of decentralization will continue, as a result of which, following the UK, other countries will leave the EU. In contrast, over the next 7 years, China will only strengthen its position, taking a leading position in trade.

As for Russia , Globa has rather optimistic forecasts – the crisis period that began back in 2014 will finally come to an end. This year, another favorable cycle of 30 years will begin, which will flourish for Russia. It is possible that a new model of power will come to replace the old one, which at first will be perceived painfully by the people. Globa calls this process a “revolution from above.” Looking ahead, he believes that by 2024 the country will reach a new level, which will lead to improvement in all areas of life.

Positive changes will also occur in relations with Ukraine , which have deteriorated due to the conflict in Donbas. Diplomatic relations will resume, while Crimea will remain with Russia. And in general, our country will take a course towards improving relations with partner states.

From the end of the year, the role of oil and gas in Russia will fade into the background. Priorities will shift towards the development of science and high technology.

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