Grigory Rasputin’s predictions that came true

Grigory Rasputin is an ambiguous figure that historians are still arguing about. Some consider him a clever charlatan who managed to ingratiate himself with the royal family, others almost a saint, others believe that this person had strong psychic abilities. One way or another, there is evidence that many of Rasputin’s prophecies did come true.

Revolution and assassination of the imperial family

In 1912, a book entitled Pious Reflections by Rasputin was published in St. Petersburg. It contains detailed prophecies of the “old man”.

“Every time I hug the tsar and mother, and the girls, and the prince, I shudder with horror, as if I were hugging the dead,” Rasputin wrote. – And then I pray for these people, because in Russia they need more than anyone else. And I pray for the Romanov family, because the shadow of a long eclipse falls on them.

At the end of 1916, Rasputin wrote the following letter to the tsar:

“If I am killed by my fellow peasants, you will not have to fear for your children. They will reign for many more centuries. But if the nobles, aristocrats, destroy me, then their hands will be stained with my blood for twenty-five years, and they will leave Russia. King of the Russian land, if you hear a bell ringing that tells you that Grigory has been killed, know that one of yours set up my death and none of you, none of your children will live more than two years … Russian Tsar, you will be killed by the Russian people , and the people themselves will be cursed and will become an instrument of the devil, killing each other and multiplying death throughout the world. Three times in twenty-five years there will be black robbers, servants of the Antichrist, to exterminate the Russian people and the Orthodox faith.

Alas, the prediction came true in the “worst” version. The young prince Felix Yusupov planned to kill a temporary worker, who, from his point of view, had a criminal influence on the royal family. The accomplices of the murder committed in December 1916 were the tsar’s cousin, Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich, State Duma deputy Vladimir Purishkevich, and physician Stanislav Lazovert.

Two months later, on February 17, a revolution broke out. Another one in October. And in July 1918, just a year and a half after the assassination of Rasputin, the entire family of Nicholas II was shot in Yekaterinburg. Soviet power lasted until December 1991. Exactly seventy-five years have passed since the death of the prophet – three times twenty-five …

Great Patriotic War and the Siege of Leningrad

A close friend of the Empress, the maid of honor, Anna Vyrubova, was very friendly with Rasputin and left many entries in her diary concerning his prophecies. So, she describes in her “Memoirs” one episode from March 1913: “Somehow the teacher became angry with the Germans. He shouted in the face of one who asked, apparently from the Germans, that their insides were de rotten, offal. And then he turned to me: “I know, I know,” he shouted, “Petersburg will be surrounded, they will starve! Lord, how many people will die, and all because of this little thing! But bread, you can’t see bread on the palm of your hand! That’s death in the city. But you will not see Petersburg! Nakos, we’ll lie down starving to death, but we won’t let you in!

Rasputin was killed in December 1916, and the war began on June 22, 1941. On September 8, 1941, the siege of Leningrad began, which lasted more than two years. Many people died of starvation…

The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

This prediction was made in February 1916. “A friend ran around the room and, frightening everyone, asked to pray,” recalls Vyrubova. – He shouted in a terrible voice that he sees people burning, he sees an island and two cities – and there are no cities, and there are no people. They were, he says, and burned in the fire. It’s stuffy both on the right and on the left … And he sent Daria to say that God will not have mercy on the Japs and will not hold back the hand of anger … “

Gagarin’s flight and the landing of Americans on the moon

Here is another episode from November 1913 described by Vyrubova: “The teacher looked at the moon. He said: “Wonderful, like people are stupid, but you see – they wanted to and did it.” I asked him: “Who, Gregory?” And he said that the Americans would walk on the moon, leave their shameful flag and fly away. And I asked, “How is that? There is no air.” “And they are in boxes, and cocks that they jumped us. Us something! But do not be afraid – we will let them in there earlier and we will be the first. Yurka will be”. And I asked: “Where? On the moon? And what is Yurika? Isn’t Prince Izotsev Yuri Petrovich?” And he suddenly got angry: “Fool generic! Not on the moon, chicken, but in the sky! And this is not your prince.”

Accidents at nuclear power plants

“Towers will be built all over the world,” Rasputin predicted in the book, “they will be castles of death. Some of these castles will fall, and rotten blood will flow out of these wounds, which will infect the earth and sky. Because clots of infected blood, like predators, will fall on our heads.

Many clots will fall to the ground, and the land where they fall will become desolate for seven generations.”

On April 26, 1986, there was a catastrophe at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Subsequently, hundreds of people died from radiation, and those who survived, and to this day feel its consequences. And in March 2011, an explosion occurred at the Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima-1.

Climate cataclysms

“Earthquakes at this time will become more frequent, the lands and waters will open, and their wounds will devour people and belongings,” Rasputin’s book of prophecies says. “The rose will bloom in December, and in June there will be snow.”

Today, more and more natural disasters occur. In connection with the shift of the earth’s poles and global warming, we are increasingly witnessing weather anomalies.

Gene modifications

Here is another prediction: “Monsters will be born that will not be people or animals. And many people who will not have a mark (umbilical cord) on the body will have a mark in the soul. And then the time will come when you will find in the cradle a monster of monsters – a man without a soul. Most likely, we are talking about genetic experiments and cloning.

Among Rasputin’s predictions, there are also very disturbing ones that interpreters associate with the start of the Third World War. But they haven’t come true yet, so let’s hope for the best…

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