Bible prophecy: a brief overview, predictions about the end of the world and three fulfilled prophecies (8 photos)

Biblical prophecies about the last days of mankind have been known since time immemorial. Every year there are new predictions that the Last Judgment is already close, and it’s time for people to think about the soul. Humanity is so accustomed to them that the thought of the Apocalypse no longer seems terrifying. But recently, even the clergy began to repeat that the biblical prophecies about the End of the World have come true, which means that human days are numbered. Is it so? And what do they really mean when they talk about the end of time?

Bible prophecy: a brief overview, predictions about the end of the world and three fulfilled prophecies (8 photos)

Bible prophecies. What it is?

It is generally accepted that prophecies are a kind of predictions about the future, written down and passed on to posterity. In the case of the Bible, it is necessary to look at the problem more broadly. In Christianity, biblical prophecy is understood as any presentation of the truth by God through specially selected righteous people. Divine truth can be in the form of:

  • denunciations;
  • instructions;
  • prophecies.

Christians, including Jews, claim that today all biblical prophecies have come true. And this is a direct proof of the existence of God and his power. Skeptics who have carefully studied the Bible are sure that initially all prophetic formulations are rather vague, ambiguous and filled with allegories. Therefore, it is difficult to judge their true meaning and significance.

Be that as it may, but the biblical prophecies about the End of the World occupy more and more minds every year. They are literally striking in similarity with everything that happens in our world today.

Conditional classification of prophecies about the future

The Biblical prophecies of the Apocalypse were not immediately formed. They can be roughly divided into two groups:

  • mentioned in the Old Testament;
  • mentioned in the New Testament.

The prophecies from the first group were completely devoid of the terrifying pictures that accompany the last days of mankind. The main thread, clearly visible in them, was the coming into the world of God. This day was supposed to be a real holiday for all believers, because it symbolizes the victory of the Almighty over evil. Initially, the word “evil” was taken to mean the enemies of Israel and its people. They were numerous and often the chosen people had to endure defeat. Therefore, the end of the world symbolized the conditional victory of the pure and bright, over the dark and not pleasing to God.

Over the centuries, the prophecies have changed significantly. In the New Testament, they already sound in the form of warnings about an imminent universal catastrophe. During it, the Lord himself must descend to the people in order to judge the dead and the living. It is important that in these prophecies the Israelites chosen by God should also be subjected to the Last Judgment.

Bible prophecy: a brief overview, predictions about the end of the world and three fulfilled prophecies (8 photos)

Apocalypse through the eyes of Christians

Biblical prophecies about the end time of mankind are frightening with terrible and sometimes bloody pictures. But they are mostly invented by people, because Christianity teaches to look at the Apocalypse differently.

If we refer to the Bible, then it defines the created world as something impermanent and limited in time. That is, the world created by God in seven days, and populated by his will with living beings, cannot be eternal. He is given his own period of existence, after which everything familiar to every person will disappear. But this does not mean death, since souls, according to Christian teaching, are immortal. People will pass into a different form of existence, which means the triumph of life over death.

Therefore, we can conclude that the biblical prophecies about the end of time are a kind of warning about the need to be ready at any moment for another, hitherto unknown, life outside your body, in a place cleansed of evil and sorrows.

Such an interpretation makes Christians all over the world look forward to the hour of the Last Judgment, which will save them from earthly hardships of life.

Gospel Prophecies

The last biblical prophecies, which today are often quoted by clergy, soothsayers and fortune-tellers, are contained in the Gospel. According to them, we can conclude that already with the advent of Jesus Christ on earth, the End of the World became inevitable. It is Christ who is perceived by many as the prophet who was predicted by the ancient elders.

All the sermons and instructions of Jesus are important words on the eve of the Apocalypse. The Son of God taught people to be awake and not to forget that the last day would creep up unnoticed. Everyone at this moment will be responsible for what he managed to do in life. Moreover, Christ said that any evil done to a neighbor would be considered as done to Him. Therefore, in earthly life, people should do only good, in order to start a new life at the hour of the Last Judgment.

Bible prophecy: a brief overview, predictions about the end of the world and three fulfilled prophecies (8 photos)

Signs of the Apocalypse

Biblical prophecies that have come true are considered signs of the impending Apocalypse. They are well known in the world:

  • the widespread dissemination of the word of God;
  • dominance of evil;
  • numerous wars.

Separately stands out another prophecy concerning the spiritual level of people. It says that before the end of the era of mankind, attachment to everything earthly will be welcome. People will abandon the path of spiritual development, and moral norms will finally “wash out”.

Spreading the Good News

The prophecy about the Apocalypse says that the first sign of it is the spreading of the word of God. Everywhere in the world people need to hear about Jesus and salvation.

Then each person chooses which way to go. From the decision taken will depend on where the soul will be determined at the Last Judgment.

The clergy of the Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish churches believe that this prophecy came true several decades ago. Now it is difficult to find a person who does not know about Jesus and Christianity.

Multiplying Evil

The prophecy says that the second sign of the End of the World will be:

  • evil, rapidly spreading throughout the world;
  • decrease in sympathy and philanthropy;
  • the disappearance of faith;
  • manifestation of all the negative aspects of human nature;
  • hatred for Christianity.

The listed items on the list are easy to recognize in modern people. Christian priests often mention this in their sermons so that those who are still strong in faith do not lose it.

Wars and cataclysms

Just before the start of the Apocalypse, humanity will shudder from:

  • earthquakes;
  • floods;
  • epidemics;
  • famine and other disasters.

All this will take place against the backdrop of numerous local wars, one of which will gradually cover the entire globe.

The third Bible prophecy is considered the most terrible, and many are comforted by the fact that it has not yet been fulfilled. But the clergy say that humanity is on the verge of a global catastrophe. And scientists confirm these words.

For several years now, the planet has been shaking from cataclysms of varying severity – it snows in the desert, floods overwhelm Europe, fires turn hundreds of hectares of once inhabited land into lifeless territories.

Wars have also become a kind of sign of modernity. Military conflicts do not subside in the Middle East, and problems in Ukraine can collide with each other almost the entire world. And this already threatens a war that is capable of engulfing all of humanity as a whole.

Bible prophecy: a brief overview, predictions about the end of the world and three fulfilled prophecies (8 photos)

Three Bible Prophecies That Horrified the World

Not so long ago, people started talking about the fact that next year could be the last for humanity. The symbol of the beginning of the end will be the absence of the Holy Fire on Easter. He is a miracle and descends every year through the prayers of believers. The year when this does not happen will be the beginning of terrible events for all mankind.

Christians are looking forward to Easter 2019 with great anxiety. The fact is that 2018 showed the world the fulfillment of three more prophecies:

  • about the snake;
  • about the return of life;
  • about the red heifer.

We will talk about each of them in a little more detail.

Bible prophecy: a brief overview, predictions about the end of the world and three fulfilled prophecies (8 photos)

crawling snake

In November of this year, one of the believers, offering prayer at the Wailing Wall, made a video that he did not watch today, except perhaps lazy. It shows a snake crawling out of ancient stones and rushing to capture a dove. Those who saw it with their own eyes, then vied with each other to talk about a chilling event, interpreted as a terrible omen.

The snake in Christianity is a symbol of lies, deceit and fall. The Bible states that for the seduction of Eve, all snakes must beg for forgiveness and grovel for all eternity. There is no other way for them to travel.

The dove in Christianity symbolizes peace and goodness. He was portrayed as a messenger.

The clergy claim that there is a prophecy in the Bible that fits the description of this case. Of course, skeptics believe that the hype surrounding the video is exaggerated. But the incident greatly alarmed the Christians and led them to think about the impending Apocalypse.

Bible prophecy: a brief overview, predictions about the end of the world and three fulfilled prophecies (8 photos)

Return of life

Even schoolchildren know that life is impossible in the Dead Sea. Neither complex nor simple microorganisms can live in water with such a strong concentration of salts and minerals.

The Bible gives information about the history of the formation of the Dead Sea. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah once stood on this site. Their inhabitants were arrogant and violated all the foundations of morality. For this, the Lord destroyed the cities and cursed the very place on which they stood – until the end of time there should be no life here.

The biblical tales say that over time, the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah were flooded. This is how the Dead Sea was formed, known throughout the world for its healing salts and mud.

In October, an Israeli scientist took a photo clearly showing a fish frolicking in the sea. After some time, other scientists confirmed these data.

The clergy immediately started talking about the prophecy of Ezekiel. It clearly speaks of the return of life to previously lifeless waters before the End of the World.

Bible prophecy: a brief overview, predictions about the end of the world and three fulfilled prophecies (8 photos)

Red heifer

The Jews have long argued that the beginning of the end times, along with other signs, will be the birth of a red heifer. It must have a completely uniform skin without spots and damage.

The sacred books indicate that a heifer born in this color should be sacrificed in the future. This will mark the construction of a unified religious institution. It will become a symbol of the revival of the Christian religion and human culture in general. After that, the messiah will come to earth, which means that the days of people are already numbered.

Skeptics believe that the excitement around the red heifer is exaggerated, since it was artificially bred. Israeli scientists have struggled for several years over the birth of a pure red calf. For these purposes, cows were implanted with embryos obtained in the laboratory. The experiment was carried out on red Angus cows. It already has a characteristic shade that stands out from the crowd. And through experiments, scientists were able to enhance pigmentation and remove from DNA the tendency to change the dominant color of the skin.

The world is still arguing whether to consider this prophecy come true. But believers all over the world are inclined to believe that the days of mankind are numbered.

Instead of a conclusion

So, three biblical prophecies have come true. Many Christians say that there are many more, and each has already become a reality. Israeli scientists make real predictions about the date of the End of the World. They argue that in three years irreversible processes will begin in the world, which will lead to the death of mankind.

Scientists suggest that the Apocalypse will not be a vast catastrophe that swept the whole world overnight. Most likely, humanity will have to see the gradual death of the planet. The most likely scenario of the last days is:

  • there will be several global catastrophes that will completely change the face of the planet;
  • people will begin to move to more livable places, which will change the geopolitical situation in the world;
  • as a result, conflicts over land and drinking water will arise everywhere;
  • after the unification of several large groups among themselves, a full-scale war will begin;
  • in parallel, epidemics of viruses previously unknown to science will arise in the world;
  • as a result of battles and from diseases, a large part of mankind will die.

The survivors will suffer from terrible mutations, the lack of food suitable for the body and drinking water. How long their torment will last is unknown. But the logical outcome of all that is happening, as Israeli scientists and theologians see it, will be the general death of people and the planet.

How to treat such prophecies? It is hard to say. But, perhaps, if humanity thinks about it here and now, then the terrible ending can still be changed.

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