The medium predicted the beginning of the Third World War in a few weeks

The famous Portuguese mystic and psychic Horatio Villegas, who predicted the victory of Donald Trump in the last presidential election in the United States and the violent reaction of American society to this event, claims that the Third World War will soon begin. Moreover, according to an authoritative clairvoyant, only a few weeks are left before the global armed conflict.

Sensetiv reports that a nuclear war is inevitable for humanity, and the recent US strike on Syria is its harbinger. Villegas, who turned to otherworldly forces for information, found out that a large-scale conflict involving America, Russia, China and North Korea would begin on May 13, just on the centennial anniversary of the appearance of the Blessed Virgin in the Portuguese city of Fatima.

The mystic warns that the inhabitants of the Earth should be on the alert until October itself, and most importantly, politicians need to resolve their differences in this extremely “explosive” period in a peaceful way, otherwise our “blue ball” and most of its inhabitants will be unhappy. Otherwise, an intense but short nuclear war, which will end by the end of this year, will change the world beyond recognition – certainly not for the better.

Earlier, Horatio Villegas successfully predicted that entrepreneur and billionaire Donald Trump would become the new ruler of the “citadel of democracy”. The psychic also determined that the Republican would receive the position of “King of the Illuminati”, and it was this secret order that would provoke the Third World War with the hands of the President. It is worth noting that the Portuguese medium is not the first to promise the end of the world. As you might guess, none of these prophecies has yet come true.

It is also worth recalling that the most authoritative oracles prophesied something else, namely the rise of Russia in the near future, which from the upcoming planetary “shake-up” (and even Nostradamus, Vanga, Messing and Casey did not deny it) will come out spiritually reborn and become a world leader, ending with the power of the Illuminati and their minions. Therefore, the predictions that are given today by numerous psychics, including Horatio Villegas, on the whole do not contradict the words of the great oracles, often “grabbing from the future” only a small part of the proposed version of upcoming events. So let’s hope for the best!

Let us recall what the wise old man Pitirim said about Russia, one of the Novgorod monasteries standing on the shores of Lake Ilmen. Invincible Russia has stood and will stand for a millennium. No matter what troubles fall on her, no matter what enemies lift a sword over her, she does not care about all this. Enemies will disappear, hard times will pass, and Russia, as it stood, will continue to stand, it will only become brighter and more powerful!

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