Nostradamus about 2020. Conflict in Europe, anarchy and the collapse of the United States?

Nostradamus was born in 1503 in France. His predictions, thanks to which he received universal recognition, were written by him already in old age. It is noteworthy that he wrote them in the form of verses, simultaneously ciphering them using a combination of four languages. In his prophecies, he managed to cover a large period of time, describing important events from 1555 to 3797.

Almost all the predictions of Nostradamus came true, which was extremely surprising to his contemporaries and descendants. It is believed that he mentioned in his works the arrival of Bonaparte, World War II, the bombing of Hiroshima, the creation of the UN, and even the events in the USA in 2001. Experts have officially recognized that the accuracy of the prophecies of Nostradamus is 85% .

Many predictions have long been deciphered. However, almost all of them can carry several meanings and describe different events. Despite this, a group of specialists managed to identify most of the events of 2020 that Nostradamus wrote about. According to the prophecy, major changes will take place in the political arena this year.

Nostradamus about 2020. Conflict in Europe, anarchy and the collapse of the United States?
The Turkish leader has markedly changed the course of the country’s development in recent years.

First , Turkey and Iran should declare themselves. It is significant that they have already managed to do this. According to the prediction, they will conflict with each other, but later unite to oppose Europe. It will not be possible to avoid full-scale clashes, but Russia, which has become the main peacemaker, will save the situation.

Secondly , some large states will face anarchy. According to the notes of Nostradamus, people suddenly realize that they are no longer ready to endure what is happening, and they will begin to fight. Some governments will be able to resolve the situation, but one of the major countries will not be able to suppress the protest, and its leader will be overthrown by force. This should be the main blow and surprise for the whole world. According to the predictor, Russia will also play an important role in these events, maintaining the state of affairs in geopolitics and taking the place of the gendarme.

Nostradamus about 2020. Conflict in Europe, anarchy and the collapse of the United States?
D. Trump is regularly attacked and has long been in danger of losing his seat as head of state.

The first part of the prediction has already come true almost completely. And the brewing conflict between the Middle Eastern states and Europe has long been obvious. The second is very similar to the situation in the United States, in which the protests have gone too far and are beginning to spread to some other countries. Most likely, this is what Nostradamus wrote about. If so, then the American leader will be overthrown in the near future. What will happen to the United States is hard to say. However, if you believe other predictions, then their complete collapse is not ruled out.

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