American soothsayer Jean Dixon predicted a bright future for Russia (4 photos)

Jean Dixon in the 20th century became one of the most famous and sought-after soothsayers. In her predictions, she touched, in particular, on the fate of Russia. The words of the American about the future of Russia, as was the case with Vanga, are positive.

The Gene Dixon Phenomenon

Jean was born in 1904 in the US state of Wisconsin to a wealthy family. Soon the family moved to California, where the future legend of predictions spent all his childhood.

The girl’s gift of clairvoyance manifested itself already in her early years, which surprised her parents. Subsequently, the mother took Jean to a fortune teller so that she could find out what was happening to her daughter. At the reception, it was confirmed that Gene Dixon really has a unique gift. There she also received a magic ball, which she used for many years.

Dixon became famous in 1939 when she prevented the death of her husband in a plane crash. She knew the plane was going to crash and persuaded the man not to board it. The plane did indeed crash, and everyone who was there died. After that, her name did not leave the newspaper pages, she gained great popularity. But her most famous prophecy was the assassination of the President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy.

American soothsayer Jean Dixon predicted a bright future for Russia (4 photos)

Dixon is also credited with predicting the assassination of Robert Kennedy, black rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., the early death of famed singer and actress Marilyn Monroe, the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, and the crash of the American spacecraft Apollo 1.

The soothsayer was highly respected by the American presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, who believed in her abilities and used the appropriate services.

Jean Dixon died at a ripe old age from a heart attack in 1997.

Jean Dixon Predictions about Russia

In the fall of 1944, American President Franklin Roosevelt called Dixon to talk about future relations between the USA and the USSR. The soothsayer surprised him by saying the following: in the future, these countries will become allies in the confrontation with China. According to her, the war will begin in 2020 and end in 2037.

This period will be difficult for the whole world due to various and numerous natural disasters, but the territory of Russia will suffer to a lesser extent, especially in Siberia. This fact will help her become the most powerful country and take the lead.

American soothsayer Jean Dixon predicted a bright future for Russia (4 photos)

Dixon also said that the 21st century will be a turning point for Russia, because it is at this time that a completely new worldview will appear that will change people radically.

In a word, Russia, according to the predictions of Jean Dixon, should become the hope and support for the whole world.

Gene Dixon Predictions for the Future of the World

One of the main questions that all soothsayers are asked concerns, of course, the end of the world. Did not bypass this sensitive topic and Dixon. But according to his predictions, nothing terrible will happen for at least the next 3 thousand years.

Also an important revelation of the American clairvoyant was a meeting with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, which mankind has been waiting for so long. As she said, the mind will be found “exactly on the other side of the Sun”, on another planet.

American soothsayer Jean Dixon predicted a bright future for Russia (4 photos)

An interesting discovery awaits scientists in the animal world: those creatures that have long been considered hopelessly extinct will be discovered.

By the end of the 21st century, Brazil and Canada will become one of the most powerful countries in the world. They will be able to achieve such a good development thanks to their food and energy resources.

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