Vanga’s predictions for 2018: doomsday or prosperity (3 photos)

Everyone who was born during the Soviet era knows Vanga, and parents will tell modern children about it. Vangelia is considered a clairvoyant, the past was revealed to her, the present is known and the foreseeable distant future.

Let’s find out what she predicted for Russia and Ukraine in 2018? Scientists analyzed how many clairvoyant predictions actually came true and it turned out that 80% of the predicted events.

Russia expects prosperity and well-being

Consider Vanga’s well-known predictions about life in Russia in 2018:

  1. Vanga predicted that 2018 would be a turning point for the Russian Federation and Russians. The clairvoyant predicted a change of power and that the president would be a person who was not involved in law enforcement agencies. A gradual but sure way out of the crisis is expected in the country.
  2. Russia is known all over the world, and if recently they have ceased to be respected and feared, then soon it will regain the status of a superpower. Vanga mentioned Vladimir, said that everything could disappear, melting like ice, but the glory of Vladimir and the Russian Federation would be preserved.

Previously, it was thought that Vanga mentions Prince Vladimir, who baptized Kievan Rus, but modern interpreters understand that she was talking about Putin. In the new history of the Russian Federation, he is the most influential figure. The style of leadership that he uses as president will be a role model for Russia’s future rulers.

The last prediction of the clairvoyant about Russia was a non-verbal gesture. Vangelia outlined a vast circle in the air with her hands and predicted that for many years the Russian Federation would be an integral, large, majestic power.

About longevity

Vangelia made one inspiring prediction for 2018. For centuries, the minds of scientists have been wondering if it is possible to significantly extend the life of people and how to do it? Vanga claimed that in 2018 scientists would make a breakthrough and find the coveted elixir of youth.

What will this medicine be? Developed on the basis of hormones: dogs, with a horse and a turtle. Thanks to the hormones obtained from the dog, the drug will help to regenerate and heal tissues much faster. From the hormones of the horse, strength will come into the human body, with endurance, and from the hormones of the turtle – longevity.

Vanga's predictions for 2018: doomsday or prosperity (3 photos)

The ingredients put together are truly a miraculous elixir. Thanks to its reception, the average life expectancy of a person will increase significantly.

“Important! Thanks to the new medicine, people will recover faster from injuries, various diseases, their immunity will rise, tissues will not age so quickly and health will become stronger.”

Vanga’s predictions for 2018 for Ukraine

Vanga also had prophecies about Ukraine in 2018. They relate to different areas of life.

Consider the political forecasts and events that Vanga predicted for Ukraine in 2018:

  • Ukrainians will rise up against their government. They will be outraged by the military conflict, constant problems in the economic sphere.
  • The new president will be a middle-class man. It will contribute to the fact that the average standard of living of an ordinary Ukrainian will rise. With his assistance, the protracted military conflict in the Donbass will be resolved. The political situation inside Ukraine and its foreign strategy are normalizing and will bring positive changes.
  • The government and ordinary citizens will do their best to restore the destruction caused by the events of 2014. European countries will help with resources and share their experience. By joint efforts, the government and the people will overcome the crisis, rebuild what was destroyed and implement what was planned.

How Ukraine emerges from the crisis in 2018 will be recorded and will remain in the history of the country forever. This positive experience will be adopted by other powers that find themselves in a similar crisis situation.

Vanga drew the attention of Ukrainians to the fact that you need to act according to your conscience, try to solve problems peacefully. No need to rush, act recklessly. A well-thought-out strategy of behavior in many areas of life will bear fruit and the life of ordinary Ukrainians will improve.

The culture of Ukraine will be revived

What changes, according to Vanga, are planned in the cultural life of Ukrainians:

  • Foreigners will increasingly admire Ukrainian cinema, music, and literature. Ukrainian will be fashionable not only among the inhabitants of the country, but also among tourists. Ukrainians will experience sincere pride in their cultural heritage, ancestors – this will increase self-awareness.
  • Various organizations dealing with the culture of Ukraine will enter the international market and conclude profitable contracts there. It can be: concerts of singers and musicians; performance of theater troupes; rental of films, cartoons; exhibitions of paintings, antiques, etc.

“Important! The fact that everything Ukrainian is popular will have a beneficial effect and will help to establish relations between Ukraine and far-abroad countries.”

Other predictions

Vanga had many predictions, and some that she made shortly before her death have not been deciphered. From some, scientists learned about the events that should take place in 2018. For Ukraine and Russia, it is important how things will go with their closest neighbors, because the world in the XXI century. small

For example, Europe will be tormented not only by hostilities, but also by diseases. On its territory, some celestial body will fall into the reservoir. The force of the impact will be such that it will provoke extensive flooding, and part of the European territories will be flooded.

Vangelia warned that the West would continue bloody wars with the East, and if Syria fell, then the militants of the East would launch a chemical attack. It will be the 3rd World War, as a result of which Europe will become empty.

Vanga saw that in 2018 a serious confrontation between 2 large countries would decrease. Most likely, they will be Russia and America.

Vanga's predictions for 2018: doomsday or prosperity (3 photos)

Events from 2016 to 2020 will unfold rapidly and Vanga predicts who will be saved:

The clairvoyant called on her descendants to resolve conflicts not so much by armed clashes as by peaceful negotiations and finding a way out of various situations, while maintaining goodness and faith in people in her soul. Humanity is too aggressive and if it does not come to its senses, then in the distant future it will destroy its home – the Earth. Vanga saw the planet black and lifeless.

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