Russian Nostradamus. What did Viktor Pelevin predict? (4 photos)

One of the most controversial Russian writers of our time. His lyrics are striking in their sharpness and causticity. At the same time, the writer has an amazing talent for accurately describing the state of the world today from his fictional worlds, and sometimes his thoughts anticipate the development of society.


In one of his works, the writer speaks of a person’s attachment to computer systems. Of course, at that time such assistants as Siri already existed, but Viktor Pelevin managed to predict exactly the emotional rapprochement of a person with a computer. Ideas similar to those expressed by the writer can be seen in films such as “Her”, where a person literally falls in love with the software, and “Where have you gone, Bernadette?”, in which a woman completely trusts her non-existent interlocutor and trusts the voice assistant completely plan and manage your life.

Russian Nostradamus. What did Viktor Pelevin predict? (4 photos)

Neurocop and neurowriter

In the future, the balance will shift even more towards machine labor, even art objects will be created by artificial intelligence. Of course, the machine can calculate the ideal proportions, combinations of colors, shapes, that is, it is capable of creating ideal works in any genre. Also, modern capabilities make the computer capable of investigating crimes, of course, so far at a primitive level, but, I think, after a while such devices investigating murders and writing novels about it will become a reality.

Russian Nostradamus. What did Viktor Pelevin predict? (4 photos)


In addition to the most famous prediction with slogans for Nikola, Sprite’s tastes and in general advertising in the book “Generation P”, the writer predicted the appearance of holograms that will replace real people in television. Appearance will be drawn, the text will be written, decisions will be made. Today, such a phenomenon already exists, not yet in political circles, but on the stage. Hologram singers are becoming popular, especially in the Asian region. Tickets for such concerts are not cheaper than those of human singers.

Russian Nostradamus. What did Viktor Pelevin predict? (4 photos)

Wife to order

The very provocative work “SNUFF” describes the political aspects of society, but when talking about predictions, you need to pay attention to the suras, or the so-called surrogate women. This is a doll that is made taking into account the desires of the buyer (if, of course, he has the money for it). With such a doll, you can adjust the parameters of character and mood, depending on the need, you can hand it in for repair or exchange it for a new model. Consider buying a phone or a vacuum cleaner. Similarities of such dolls already exist, for example, in Japan. They may not have such an advanced set of functions, but, according to the manufacturers, they help men who feel insecure in a relationship with a girl and are afraid of being rejected.

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