A time traveler from the year 2200 spoke about a future catastrophe on Earth (+ video)

A video is gaining popularity on the World Wide Web, which supposedly captures a time traveler talking about his travels in the past and future.

Naturally, most netizens do not believe that this man really made such jumps, but the story he told still sounds very interesting, even if it is pure fiction.

The author of the video below reports that he came to us from 2028 – then, they say, the first time machine will be invented. According to our hero, he became a member of a secret project to move people into the future. Almost all of the test subjects were sent to the year 2100, but this person was sent to the year 2200, and no one has yet moved that far into the future. The mysterious individual clarifies that in 2028, humanity has found a way to travel exclusively to the future, but not to the past.

The year 2200, as the man says, will be very different from our 21st century. Emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will lead to the fact that the Earth will significantly overheat and change. Unfortunately, the alleged time traveler refuses to tell a little more about the future, fearing that humanity will begin to take drastic measures to prevent the coming catastrophe and all this will turn into even worse consequences.

Fortunately for our hero, by the year 2200, a time machine had already been invented that could send people back in time. However, there was an error, and instead of 2028, it ended up in our 2017. Now this man is supposedly forced to wait 11 years to get back where he started.

He doesn’t even know if he can return to his family. The man claims that 2 “versions” of one person can hardly coexist at the same time, and the Universe has probably erased his current, younger copy from reality. And this means that our hero never met his wife and did not have children with her. At present, he intends to find traces of his past life, that is, to find real people whom he knew, for example, his wife, who should still be a little girl. What will come of this, the time traveler is not even able to imagine yet, because, in principle, there may be a young man in this past – he himself …

Video: A time traveler from the year 2200 spoke about a future catastrophe on Earth

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