Vanga’s prophecies about peace and politics: what turned out to be true?

The famous Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga became a legend during her lifetime. Despite the fact that her abilities have been criticized more than once by authoritative researchers, Vanga’s predictions for 2019 about Russia and other countries continue to be hotly debated even 23 years after her death. Many of them find new interpretations and confirmations in current events, which every day push the idea that humanity is moving into an imminent global catastrophe. The predictions about Russia attributed to Vanga also often turned out to be fictitious or untrue. But even if this is so, then as the well-known saying goes: “a fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it …”.

Vanga’s prophecies about the war

The popularity of Vanga’s predictions is due to the fact that they often have a catastrophic or apocalyptic scenario. According to legends wandering from one newspaper to another, the Bulgarian soothsayer foresaw the collapse of the USSR and major terrorist attacks in the United States at the beginning of the millennium (September 11, 2001). She predicted the tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004, the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and much more. Those who knew Vanga personally or studied her biography in detail claim that Vanga did not give most of these predictions, and they were specially invented by journalists. But these same researchers agree that many of Vanga’s predictions were given in such a form that, if desired, any major political event or catastrophe can be adjusted to fit them.

It is believed that many of Vanga’s predictions simply did not come true. So, according to one of her biographical books, the Bulgarian soothsayer predicted the beginning of a third world war in 2010, which after a short time would develop into a nuclear one. The use of atomic weapons will lead to radioactive fallout in the northern hemisphere, as a result of which there will be no animals or people left. After that, it will be the turn of the massive use of chemical weapons in order to destroy the rest of the European population. According to Vanga’s prediction, by 2016 Europe should have been almost deserted.

It is clear that all these predictions did not come true. But as already mentioned, Vanga spoke her prophecies in a special way, pronouncing them in the ancient Bulgarian dialect and with her usual turns of speech. Therefore, the correct interpretation of predictions was often very difficult. It is known for certain that in her prophecies Vanga often mentioned Syria, which, in her opinion, will become the Rubicon on the way to the Third World War. When, before her death, she was asked when exactly this war would begin, Vanga uttered the phrase: “Syria has not yet fallen.” In some of her other eschatological prophecies, she also mentioned Syria as the country that lost the big war. Today, no one needs to prove the fact that this small Arab country is indeed the main piece on the world chessboard,

In Vanga’s predictions, by 2019, China’s power should have grown. True, according to her prophecies, already last year, China was to become the hegemon of the world economy, surpassing the United States in terms of GDP. Nevertheless, as Vanga predicted, China is actively exploiting other countries, which in the future will become only donors for the most powerful Chinese economy. Thanks to the growth of China’s power and the decline of Europe, in the future, according to Vanga, Siberia should flourish, where people will pour in from those regions where it will no longer be possible to live normally.

Vanga’s predictions about Russia for 2019

Many of Vanga’s predictions relate to the future of Russia. Despite the fact that the prediction of the collapse of the USSR is disputed by many, there are many arguments that she nevertheless foresaw it. Back in 1979, she said that now Russia is called the Union, but soon everything will change, and it will be called the same as under St. Sergius (Radonezh). And so it happened. The Bulgarian fortune-teller allegedly foresaw the arrival of a major ruler in Russia, under which difficult times would first come in the country, but later an era of prosperity would come. It is alleged that she even mentioned the name of this man – Vladimir. This ruler of Russia will be able to unite again all the Slavic tribes and achieve an end to wars.

In other predictions of Vanga about Russia, we can see a not so rosy picture. So, in one of Vanga’s prophecies for 2019, a large meteorite may fall on Russia, as well as the beginning of large-scale natural disasters in Asia. At this time, the President of Russia will have to choose: either he will support 100 million poor people, or he will support 100 rich people. The future fate of the Russian leader and the entire country will depend on this. Vanga also repeatedly spoke about the threat of a “brother against brother” war, and the war in Ukraine fits this description perfectly. At the same time, today there is a direct threat that this military conflict is only the beginning of larger events.

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