What Dzhokhar Dudayev predicted to Russia

It can almost certainly be said that the reunification of Crimea with Russia in 2014 was a big surprise for the West, although this event was predicted many years before. Even in an interview with the Vzglyad program in 1995, the first president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Dzhokhar Dudayev, said that the peninsula would be under the jurisdiction of Moscow, and Kyiv would “clash with it on irreconcilables.” What else did the general promise Russia?

There will be a massacre

Dzhokhar Dudayev is the leader of the movement for the separation of Chechnya from Russia in the early 1990s. Being one of the main actors in the Caucasus, he was in constant contact with other politicians and, of course, had an idea about their plans. “Foresight” was added to him by service in the Soviet army. For almost 30 years in the Armed Forces of the USSR, he rose to the rank of major general and the position of commander of a strategic bomber division in Estonia, led operations during the war in Afghanistan. A boss of this level, of course, was at least partially privy to the plans of the leadership. And this is what allows us to assume that many of his assessments had a basis.

“Through all my veins in these four years (since the declaration of independence of the Chechen Republic (Nokhchi-cho) and the election of Dudayev as its president in 1991 – ed.), political adventurers in the highest echelons of power in Russia have passed … And where did these people aim, I I feel good, I know. And I know the plans: in Europe, and Asia, and in the East. Enough is known from the first sources, ”the general assured in an interview with Vzglyad.

For example, referring to a certain map “planned by the General Staff,” Dudayev spoke of the planned Russian expansion.

“Chechnya is only a factor. And then – the Caucasus, the Baltic, Central Asia. It was planned here that Adzharia, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Lezginistan, isolated from Dagestan and Azerbaijan, South Ossetia should be completely under the jurisdiction with the presence of Russian troops in the Caucasus, he noted. Further along the coast of the Caspian Sea, including Lezginistan along the perimeter to the Iranian border: all workers who lost their jobs in the Far North, the Far East, the Urals, Siberia should have been settled here, change the demographic situation, oust the Dagestanis and others from the coast of the Caspian Sea into the mountains “.

Then, in accordance with the project described by the president of Ichkeria, changes awaited Crimea and Russia’s eastern neighbors. “The Chechnya campaign was ending, all the troops had to move to the Crimea. In Lithuania and Belarus – a corridor to the Kaliningrad region, occupied by Russian troops, which have nowhere to go, ”Dudaev listed.

After, according to him, two naval and seven land military bases were planned to be created in the occupied territory of Latvia. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan were allegedly waiting for the fate of the colonies.

At the same time, the general emphasized that it was about the plans that Moscow had “approximately until the end of 1995.” However, Afghanistan, then Ichkeria forced Russia to “reduce appetite.” So, he assured, it was decided to change the policy – to attract Europe to its side, to flirt with it in order to intensify to the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, the Bosporus, and the Red Sea. “And then slap Europe too,” the politician stated.

But most importantly, Dudayev predicted that “there will still be a massacre in the Crimea.” “Ukraine will still clash with Russia on the irreconcilable,” says his most famous forecast.

The inevitability of punishment

However, Dudayev also had his own views on the future of Russia. Answering a question about forecasts for the near future, he said with confidence: “For Russia, the forecast is unfavorable.” And this was not a simple statement of the antagonist: to prove his statement, the general brought a whole theory.

The main problem of Russia, in his opinion, was Russianism. In an interview, he compared it to other misanthropic ideologies – fascism, Nazism and racism – calling it the most terrible of all. It was she, Dudayev believed, that underlies all aggressive plans.

Russianism, according to the President of Ichkeria, is nothing but a disease that will have to be paid for.

“Tests of the Russian people are going to be very difficult. The reasons for this are real – there is no idea. The ideas of communism, socialism, building a society of equal opportunities – everything burst like a soap bubble, because it was built on the ideas of Russianism. In addition, there is no legitimacy of power. And if there is no idea, no legitimacy of power, then there is no place for politics – both internal and external. And if there is no third component, then there is no place and no ideology. Then there is no motive, no incentive. This is where the prospect ends, ”the general stated.

He noted that Russia, in addition to Russism, has alternative ways of development. But, according to Dudayev, they somehow lead to a dead end. For example, attempts by politicians to start uniting peoples on a Slavic basis – Slavicization – are doomed to failure, “because the main component of Slavization – Ukrainians – will never put up with Russification and Russism.”

Another option is spirituality. But this path is also closed for Russia, the politician believed. According to him, in order for “a whole nation to become spiritual, you need to work on it” for at least three generations. In addition, spirituality should be based on an idea, and the Russian people, according to Dudayev, the most unspiritual, do not have it.

“You can follow the example of the West – make the dollar your idea. This idea is so dangerous… Everyone will take a cobblestone, and whoever has it will take a machine gun or a rocket, and they will resolve this dispute with a civil war,” he stated.

Dudayev saw one of the key problems in the fact that the perpetrators of “senseless genocide” – during the Hungarian uprising in 1956, the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, the war in Afghanistan in 1979-1989 – were not punished. And the general was sure that until they were brought to justice, and their followers did not feel the inevitability of punishment for their crimes, “Russia’s troubles will grow every hour.”

In particular, according to him, the fight against Russism will intensify. “And in vain do the Russians think that now they will intimidate the world with their army, nuclear weapons. They don’t intimidate. Already everyone is frightened, everyone has gone through this hell of Russianism. And the Russians will be put into the system of earthly civilization, ”the politician assured.

Dudayev admitted that this would require a lot of effort. So, he considered it necessary to eliminate the confrontation between military blocs and leave only one – NATO, the purpose of which would be to protect the interests of all the peoples of the world. In addition, he proposed to deprive Russia of the status of a permanent member of the UN Security Council and generally “throw” it out of the organization.

In some ways, Dzhokhar Dudayev really turned out to be right. The search for the “Russian idea”, the responsibility of politicians, the pressure from the outside world are issues that are still relevant today. And yet, the general’s forecasts must be viewed through the prism of the time and the circumstances under which he gave his assessments. The year is 1995, the war is in full swing in Chechnya, and its president, under the yoke of social factors, is losing the trust and support of the population. In this position, to embellish your words, no matter what faith they may have, is “bread” for a politician.

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