Real predictions about Russia for 2019

Recently, Russia has found itself not only at the epicenter of real events on the world stage, but has also taken an important place in the picture of the future drawn for us, ordinary people, by representatives of the psychic “workshop”.

Vera Lyon makes prophecies about our country (and her opinion should definitely be heeded), they are voiced by the winners of the “Battle of Psychics” and even some clergy. It is known that the famous Vanga spoke and wrote a lot about Russia, and researchers of the heritage of Nostradamus link some of the quatrains he composed to the events in our state.

This whole layer of information definitely deserves attention, and therefore we offer an overview of predictions about Russia for 2019 from the most authoritative clairvoyants.

Predictions of Nostradamus

Nostradamus has not yet identified quatrains that would be completely dedicated to Russia in 2019. However, there are verses in which our country is mentioned in connection with events in other territories. And by them one can judge what the soothsayer foresaw for us. And he foresaw this…

Next year, a new wave of discussion of the topic of Siberia is not ruled out. This will be partly due to quite constructive processes – the development of infrastructure facilities in these territories, etc. However, there is a possibility that again there will be talk about the illegality of Russia’s possession of all the Siberian wealth, that our state is too big and this is a danger, etc.

Russia in 2019, according to Nostradamus, will have to play the role of a mediator in at least several controversial issues at the international level. Probably, the contradictions between some countries will reach a peak, but meanwhile, in the world, apparently, there is no other (except Russia) third party that can help them deal with their problems.

Vanga’s prophecies

Vanga saw atypical weather conditions for Russia in 2019. Describing them, she even used the word “anomaly”. They probably will not drastically affect the daily lives of people. In any case, the clairvoyant did not mention anything like that. However, this circumstance may well affect the volume of crops. However, the Russians will survive it safely.

The fortuneteller did not leave other visions for 2019 for us. And therefore, in everything else, according to Vanga, Russia will be quite prosperous, continuing its further development. This can be judged from the general “outline” of the prophetess’s predictions about our state, in which she said that we would gradually come to leadership in peace and prosperity.

What Edgar Cayce saw

Edgar Cayce in his dreams also saw 2019 as quite favorable for Russia. In his opinion, we can count on a decrease in the negative that is being pumped around our state by the so-called. the western world. Or, at least, this escalation will no longer have such a strong effect on people’s minds. And having come out from under the “hood” of negative information pouring in a stream from newspapers and televisions, people will gradually begin to be imbued with the attractiveness of the principles of life that reign in Russian society.

An American clairvoyant predicted a gradual softening of the climate in Russia and, first of all, in Siberia. And this should make us think that in 2019 we will see a warmer Siberian winter than we are traditionally used to.

Messing’s predictions

Strictly speaking, Wolf Messing did not make prophecies related specifically to 2019. But he indicated the events of the period, which includes the future 365 days. Having predicted a difficult time, primarily from a financial point of view, for about 2016-2017, he pointed to the next 2018-2020 as a period of setting goals and intensive movement towards them. And this means that in 2019, projects and entire areas that were launched earlier will continue to develop in Russia, moreover, with excellent results.

Vera Lyon about Russia

Vera Lyon speaks about Russia in 2019 with approximately the same positive measure as Messing. But the clairvoyant pointed, moreover, to the development in the minds of Russians of national (more precisely, civilizational) self-consciousness. In response to a question about the state of our country in 2019, she received the term “power”, i.e. the people of Russia will begin to think on a larger scale and with a greater sense of pride in their homeland. Although this process, of course, cannot be limited to one year, and will not be limited to it.

The only significant problem that has not yet received due attention and solution is illegal immigrants from neighboring countries who come to work. The lack of proper control in this regard will cause irritation and discontent among an increasing number of Russians.

Forecast by Alexander Litvin

According to Alexander Litvin, Russia has already passed the time to scatter stones and even the time to learn how to collect them. By the beginning of 2019, we will find ourselves in a situation where the right path to the future has already been found, and now it remains only to calmly move in this direction. Of course, echoes of old problems can still make you angry or upset. However, they will definitely not be able to significantly affect the situation.

The general dominant of 2019 in the country will be the idea of ​​creation. Moreover, this will manifest itself especially clearly – visually and tangibly – in the construction sector.

Prediction of the Matrona of Moscow

But St. Matrona, unlike all other soothsayers, is much less optimistic. She argued that in 2019 Russia will face hard times. The well-being of many people will deteriorate, and there will be many who prefer the countryside to well-organized cities, where life is harder, but still more satisfying.

Such a difficult internal situation, Matrona believed, would develop due to the fact that the authorities would weaken their attention to social problems and reduce the resources allocated to this. In this case, all concern will be directed outside, to the solution of foreign policy tasks. At the international level, Russia’s relations with the West will continue to worsen and, on the contrary, a significant strengthening of relations with the states of Asia.

So, with few exceptions, the predictions about Russia for 2019 are quite positive and encouraging. And Russians can feel confident in the future with good reason. Therefore, you can continue (or start – it’s really important for someone) to make plans, arrange your personal life, make a career, etc.

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