Edgar Cayce: The world will be flooded, flooding map (3 photos)

One of the most accurate prophets in the world foretold a tragic future for the earth. Considering that the percentage of Edgar Cayce’s predictions that came true is quite large, then there is a vague feeling that this will really happen.

The Prophet died of lung failure on January 5, 1945, and was born and lived in the United States. Since childhood, he saw the future, and it all started after he hit his head and lost consciousness. Even then, in delirium, he began to say true things that shocked those around him.

For several years before his death, he was engaged in predicting the future, long-term, many decades ahead. Many of his predictions also concerned Russia, which is why he was banned for the broad masses of the people, and in the end he remained a prophet “because of the cordon.” Then they could not believe in the collapse of the great communist ideas that Cayce predicted for Soviet Russia. The political system of Russia was visible to him at a glance, he predicted the collapse of the USSR, which means that he automatically became an enemy for Russian society, a saboteur capable of undermining stable views on the bright future of the country.

Edgar Cayce: The world will be flooded, flooding map (3 photos)

When his vision regarding the USSR came true, they learned about him in our country. Many years have passed, Casey’s prediction has long been forgotten, the country was rushing in a turbulent stream of time to the unknown, but someone remembered the prophet and his predictions. Not only the collapse of the USSR, he was remembered as a “come true” psychic. There were other events in his words that foreshadowed a much greater catastrophe, but the time had not yet come.

Events are already developing, they were initiated by nature itself in the middle of the last century. Then, for the first time, ice melting was observed in Greenland and Antarctica – the largest reserves of frozen fresh water. The reasons put forward are very different, but the most unexpected was proposed by Russian scientists. The increase in the inclination of the axis of the globe has led to the fact that the sun captures more and more areas in the region of the poles of the planet, this causes an increase in the duration of solar influence and, accordingly, the melting of ice. But it’s not just limited to that. The melting process is accompanied by a distribution of mass that presses on the tectonic plates, which increases volcanic activity and causes spontaneous earthquakes.

The process of the tilt of the earth’s axis cannot be stopped, this phenomenon repeats itself periodically in the history of the planet, it was experienced by ancient people, judging by the archaeological excavations, in which the remains of people and animals are found even where they should not be. Everything points to the fact that the polar caps were once blooming oases, and the equatorial territories were dead, frozen territories. When the ice melted there, the water left or evaporated, leaving behind scorched deserts.

Edgar Cayce predicted during his own hypnotic session, in which he dictated information, and the stenographer recorded what was said on paper. Some sessions prophesied strange things that were not related to the current work (he was engaged in healing people), but foreshadowed global destinies for the entire planet. Some of the predictions carried the following information:

Many countries will be affected by the mainland line change. Life in many parts of the land will become impossible. Russia will survive the least suffering. The polar parts of it will be flooded, as well as part of the coast of the East, but the middle part of the territories will remain untouched.

Edgar Cayce: The world will be flooded, flooding map (3 photos)

Map of the flooding of the world according to Edgar Cayce

The Russian people are very united. If we recall the Second World War, then the amazing resilience of the people in that tragedy simply amazes modern minds. Russians, much to their surprise, have a slightly different attitude towards death, they simply ignore it. In addition, the huge natural resources, especially fresh water, increase the chances of survival in the tragedy predicted by the great seer. The territory, which is not fully explored, as if left “in reserve”, will become an oasis for the survivors.

Will our country be able to live after such a natural cataclysm – definitely YES. But how our relations with other countries, which are now showing more and more aggression in our direction, will develop is not yet clear. By their attitude towards Russia, they increase the isolation of our country, move further and further away, burning the last bridges.

Edgar Cayce spoke a lot about Russia, but all his words carried hope. He believed in the happiness of our country, which caused great irritation among the US authorities. Russia has always irritated Western countries and has been a rival for the states. Cayce’s prophecy carried a hostile connotation to the grandeur and tranquility of the colonial empire, so he was asked to retract his words. But Casey did not do this, so his predictions became the property of all mankind. Here they are:

Areas with cold and subtropical climates will become more tropical and moss and ferns will grow there. Los Angeles and San Francisco will be destroyed even before New York. East Coast areas near New York, Connecticut and other areas, and possibly New York itself, will practically disappear from the face of the earth. However, another generation will live here. As for the southern parts of the Carolinas and Georgia, they will disappear altogether. Water from the Great Lakes will pour into the Gulf of Mexico.

Volcanoes will wake up in the Hawaiian Islands. There will be such a strong wave that the entire southern coast of California will disappear under water in three months. Open waters will flow in the north of Greenland. New lands will open up in the Caribbean. South America will be shaken. In the Atlantic, not far from Tierra del Fuego, a new land will rise, forming a raging strait.

From Russia will come hope for the whole world, but not from Communism, but from a free country. Then each person will live for his brother.

There is great world hope in the religious development of Russia. The people, or group of peoples, who will be closest to Russia in relations, will live better, gradually changing the conditions for life.

Friendship between Russia and the people is coming, on whose money it will be written “in God we believe”

Edgar Cayce healed people using his gift. Without understanding where this inspiration came from, he used it for its intended purpose. By dictating the diagnosis to the sick, he helped cure thousands of people. In the hospital where he spent his last working years, a memorial was erected in memory of a great man who was believed.

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