Predictions of the Ukrainian seer Andrey Hyperborea for 2020 about the fate of Ukraine, Russia and the whole world.

All the predictions of this famous seer are always specific and understandable, unlike many prophecies that can be interpreted in any way. Many of us are excited about the coming events in the world in the coming year. And I would like to know what to expect.

Many of his predictions have already come true. For example, he predicted earthquakes in Italy, Mexico and Romania, the conflict in the Donbass, the crash of a Russian plane, and much more. The seer says that all visions come to him in the form of prophetic dreams.

So what predictions does the seer make for 2020?

Andrey claims that in the coming year Russia will face a change of power. The country will have a new leader. Foreign policy relations with other countries will remain complicated for the time being. But in the sphere of economy, Hyperborea sees improvements and stabilization. The seer believes that this will happen if the Russian authorities are closely engaged in the domestic politics of the country.

Predictions of the Ukrainian seer Andrey Hyperborea for 2020 about the fate of Ukraine, Russia and the whole world.

2020 will still be difficult for the Motherland of Andriy Ukraine, the seer believes that the dark time for the country will not end this year. About the current president, he says that this is not the kind of leader who is interested in solving the country’s economic problems. Therefore, Ukraine is still facing difficulties in the social sphere. As for the conflict around the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, it is this year that he sees the most favorable prospects and its possible end.

In general, the world in 2020, according to Hyperborea, is waiting for fateful events and many upheavals.

He predicts a flood that will occur in the new year in Turkey. Peru expects a series of major earthquakes. The seer broadcasts that India will be covered by another wave of famine and epidemics. And also much more.

Andrei Hyperborea himself does not claim that all his predictions come true one hundred percent, he is sure that much in our future depends on the present. But practice shows that more than half of his visions come true.

Well, let’s wait and see, but I would like only positive prophecies to come true and you and I would expect changes only for the better. At least, I sincerely wish this for all of us.

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