Abzigya Anand’s prophecy for 2021

Abzigya Anand, a 14-year-old astrologer from India, gained worldwide fame after predicting this year’s famous main event from China last year. They began to recall this only later, looking through his appeal on YouTube. After that, the boy became a real national hero. On television, he became more popular than even the news channel.

According to an Indian student, people will face new difficulties this year. Their scale will be much more serious. This will be a kind of punishment to people for the fact that they ruthlessly exterminate animals, demonstrating a purely consumer attitude towards the nature around them.

The actions of people, the Indian prophet believes, lead to a significant deterioration of collective karma. The expected difficulties will already arise in December 2021.

There are quite a few different predictors that people treat differently. The army of fans of the Indian boy already has several million people living in different parts of the world. People believe him.

Recently, an Indian schoolboy has delved into astrology quite thoroughly. Last year, he published an appeal on YouTube channel, where he said that people would face some kind of terrible phenomenon, because of which the world economy would collapse. The conclusion that misfortunes will begin, he made by the location of the planets of the solar system relative to each other.

He also said that people would increase the distance between themselves. Moreover, he predicted the time when this misfortune will begin to lose ground. This time is May 2020. It was at this time that restrictions began to be gradually lifted in a number of countries.

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