Predictions of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky for Russia and the world (3 photos)

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is an unusual modern medium whose predictions have come true and are coming true.

life and gift.

A woman of mystery, a philosopher, was famous not only for her visions, but also for her level of knowledge, which was far ahead of her time.

Blavatsky was born into a family with aristocratic roots in Russia, Germany and France. The girl’s mother died early, so her grandparents were involved in her upbringing. Even at an early age, she felt a split soul. One part of her was an interesting, sociable conversationalist, and the other part was arrogant and ambitious towards people. So she had the gift of clairvoyance.

Predictions of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky for Russia and the world (3 photos)

Over time, Elena learned to control and remember her predictions, issued in a trance. So her famous work “The Secret Doctrine” was published.

Predictions about the world.

On a global scale, her predictions were scientific in nature.

  1. The medium was the first to predict that the atom could divide. Therefore, there is no void in the universe. Outer space, like the Earth, is closely intertwined with energy flows.
  2. Outer space expands and contracts. This was confirmed after her death by the development of the prototype universe.
  3. The moon is a dead planet and negatively affects people. But after a while, Blavatsky said that it was not her, but the planet behind her. Soon the night luminary will depart and mankind will see her.
  4. Her writings say that temperature changes are coming, which will be reflected in climate change in all countries. The threat of global warming will be under special study and will affect mainly developed countries.
  5. Not all of humanity will be able to rethink the changes and have time to rebuild for the new world.

Predictions about Russia.

Predictions of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky for Russia and the world (3 photos)

The future of this country will soon be determined, but not thanks to politicians, but with the help of ordinary people. Discontent and distrust of the Russian government may end in rebellion and revolution, but what outcome will be unknown.

The crisis in Russia is inevitable, it will have a negative impact on all spheres of life. After each rise of the country, there will be its fall and popular disappointment. Although the seer says that the economic crisis will pass, she claims that few will wait.

On the world stage, conflicts with Ukraine and Turkey await the Fatherland after 2020 and they will last for several years.

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