Ukrainian astrologer has already predicted a global cataclysm in early 2020 (4 photos)

The famous Ukrainian astrologer Vlad Ross, in his predictions that he gave for the current year, could see a global catastrophe. After all, it affected almost the entire world.

According to his predictions, it was supposed to start at the beginning of 2020. Now we can see for ourselves that his predictions came true. The whole world is fighting a terrible infection that continues to spread. Right now, there is still a global financial crisis that people must survive.

According to the astrologer, these events are associated with a very large planetary aspect – the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. He also stated that China would be the epicenter of the disaster, which happened. After all, the very first case of infection with a coronavirus infection was registered in Wuhan, China.

Ukrainian astrologer has already predicted a global cataclysm in early 2020 (4 photos)

The astrologer noted that this position of the planets always speaks of a global catastrophe, which will be observed at the very beginning of the year. According to Ross, the most dangerous period is the whole of January and February. It so happened that this period was the most difficult for the whole world. However, now it is practically not getting better, despite the fact that in some countries fewer deaths are recorded daily.

The reason for these events are planets that bring destruction and negativity. In this case, we are talking about Saturn and Pluto.

Saturn makes many fearful. It inspires fear and can even lead to a real deep depression from which it is very difficult to get out. During this period, it is important that a person does not remain alone. Nearby should be the closest people.

Ukrainian astrologer has already predicted a global cataclysm in early 2020 (4 photos)

Despite the negative, Saturn makes you follow the laws and maintain order in society. The situation with the spread of coronavirus infection is a confirmation.

Pluto influences people. It also accumulates negative energy, which splashes out, causing cataclysms and crises. Despite this, after the bad there is always a rebirth.

The astrologer asked people not to panic. He also said that very soon the situation with the coronavirus will improve. Measures that will be taken in time will help to avoid terrible consequences.

From people it remains only to listen to the recommendations and do everything necessary in order to protect themselves and their environment. Only in this way can difficulties be overcome.

Ukrainian astrologer has already predicted a global cataclysm in early 2020 (4 photos)

Will we fly on vacation in the summer, will the borders be open. Options for the development of events according to the versions of doctors, scientists and even astrologers

No one can say exactly how events will develop with the coronavirus infection, which continues to spread around the world. However, doctors and scientists make assumptions and build hypotheses. Some astrologers also make their own predictions that relate to the current situation.

First option

It is expected that all this will last until October this year. Only then will the world begin to recover. In this case, you can immediately forget about a vacation in the summer. You don’t even have to plan anything. It remains only to think about where to go in the summer of 2021. Then everything will be fine for sure.

Second option

The situation with the coronavirus will last until June. According to experts, this is one of the most favorable forecasts. Despite this, it will take time to restore international communication between countries. For this reason, there is little chance that the summer vacation will take place.

In the event that everything ends in June, the second outbreak of the infection may occur in October of this year. Experts say that it will last until March 2021, which is quite logical. However, there are other versions.

According to scientists, coronavirus infection can recede only in two cases:

  • if about 70 percent of the world’s population gets sick with them;
  • When will a coronavirus vaccine be developed?

As for the vaccine, it will take from six months to one year to create, test and market it. It is for this reason that we can say for sure that we are in for a difficult year. Moreover, now there is a global economic crisis that will affect many areas of life.

As for the astrologers, they also expressed their opinion. Many are convinced that humanity is on the verge of major changes. From 2020 to 2024 we are in for a challenging time. However, it is after this that a new leap in development awaits us.

After all, without such a push, there can be no change.

Rest assured that a bright future awaits everyone, which will delight with new technologies.

Now it remains only to take care of each other, follow all the recommendations of doctors and try to communicate as little as possible. Only in this case, it is possible to stop the spread of coronavirus infection, which will soon recede.

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