The frightening prophecies of Elder Anthony about the future of mankind (2 photos)

There was a negative opinion about the elder not only among Christians, but also among the majority of the world’s population, who know his name. Elder Anthony was a mysterious man and a strange personality, which is why not everyone took his words seriously.

However, there were also people for whom the words of the elder were really significant, those who considered him a prophet and a pious righteous man. Such people still pray and bow to Anthony for his righteous and pure thoughts and good deeds.

Unknown old man

Little is known about the life of the old man and his good deeds at this time, although he did not live in an ancient era, but relatively recently.

It is known that he received his education in the 19th century. According to people who found him during his lifetime, he was a very kind-hearted person who did good deeds and helped those in need.

Outwardly, he was tall – about 2 meters tall, always wore long hair and a beard, which already had the color of noble gray hair. He was strong enough at first glance, but at heart he was a simple and kind person, had a good heart and pure thoughts, was sincere and sympathetic, had good health, and thanks to this he lived to be almost 100 years old.

The life of Elder Anthony and his righteous thoughts are preserved in the only book “Spiritual Conversations and Instructions of Elder Anthony”, which outlines the main postulates of Anthony and describes his life.

In the book, the reader will not find either the real name of Anthony, or the place of his permanent residence. Only the reader, who is familiar with the personality of the elder, will see his appearance in the main character. The book is based on real events, the author simply described everything in a more accessible form for the reader.

Despite the fact that Anthony was persona non grata for Christians, he was respected and visited by many pilgrims. And after some time, he won the respect of some priests, and soon the monks.

In his only book, which contained thoughts about the future of mankind, a very sad picture was described.

Anthony predicted terrible catastrophes

Anthony argued that the reality created by human hands is wrong, and soon the system of being itself will begin to destroy humanity, and all human activity will only lead to cataclysms and troubles.

Already in his years of life, Antony predicted an ecological catastrophe that would lead to the gradual destruction of civilization.

The frightening prophecies of Elder Anthony about the future of mankind (2 photos)

The Elder on the End of Sodom and Gomorrah

In his future prophecies, the elder noted that America would receive the greatest punishment. The Prophet claimed that soon Los Angeles would be wiped off the face of the earth.

Modern residents may notice that this city is already undergoing a negative transformation, because crime is developing everywhere, and bad habits are widespread among the population.

Elder Anthony about the decline of morals

According to Antony, the world will be mired in depravity and crime in the future, because the main goal of Satan is the decline in the morality of people.

However, it is not known what Antony thought about the finale of this situation. Whether he thought of a universal Apocalypse, or gave hope for the restoration of mankind from the ashes, remains a mystery today.

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