Predictions of the Matrona of Moscow for 2019 (5 photos)

Matrona’s predictions for 2019 are literally of interest to everyone who cares about the future. The blessed old woman was a legendary figure during her lifetime. Being blind, since birth, she was famous for her incredible healing power, gave predictions. Due to poverty, the pregnant mother decided to give the baby to an orphanage after giving birth. One day she saw a strange dream in which her unborn daughter appeared to her in the form of a white bird. She sat on her mother’s right hand, she had a human face, but her eyes were completely closed. The woman realized that this was a sign and abandoned the idea of ​​giving her child away. And the closed eyes – that was the sign that the mother deciphered after the birth of her daughter – she was blind.

How it all began

Born in 1881 in the village of Sebino, Tula province, Matrona was brought up in a family of believing and pious parents. The girl was born to elderly parents who had three children. Matronushka told her first predictions in 1894. Taking a beautiful pen, she plucked it, saying – the same will happen with our king. In 1917, the king was overthrown and killed along with his entire family. Not only this, but also other predictions always hit the mark, for which Matrona was already famous throughout the district and outside the Moscow region. At the same time, she was a true believer and God-fearing, gave people valuable advice, and healed. Her forecasts are still relevant, because she painted the future by years. No less interesting are the predictions of the Holy Matrona for 2019,

Prophecy of the Holy Matrona for 2019

The hard years of the new depression will be a thing of the past. The United States, or rather what remains of them, will begin to revive again. But it will no longer be that great super-state, but the mainland with various formations. Mini countries will strive to fit into the new system of international and economic relations.

Given the centuries-old principle of American influence on the collapse of other countries, the economic and political aggression of the former power, the new country will be treated with caution. Yes, and the fall of the reputation “below the plinth” will be the key to long-term isolation of the confederation. Do not forget about the climate problems that will descend on the former political center of the world. According to the statements of true astrologers and soothsayers, for a long time this country “sent” a terrible negative, evil into the atmosphere.

The concentration of black energy over the United States exceeded the norm so much that everything fell on the States in the form of hurricanes, powerful tornadoes and Yellowstone activity. Now in 2019, you need to collect the remnants of the continent and start living in a new way.

Prophecy of the Matrona of Moscow for Europe

For their “bright” future, all European countries should say “thank you” to the United States. With its insidious policy, America forced the Europeans to abandon normal relations with Russia, the countries of the East and Asia. The launched mechanism for the destruction of political systems by representatives of the State Department will become a time bomb, and after Ukraine, there will be problems with autonomies in Spain, Germany, Great Britain. This factor, as well as the influx of a huge number of migrants from the countries of the East and Asia, will bring chaos to the economy of states. The desire of the States to dominate the list of energy suppliers will make significant adjustments to the budget. In 2019, the process of bankruptcy of the great states of the Old World will begin.

Russia began to revive from the beginning of the 21st century. The period when the States tried to feed it with their loans is already far behind. The powerful leader of the country and the patriotic spirit of the people became the key to economic prosperity and strengthening in the international arena. A successful fight against external interference in internal affairs, resistance to numerous sanctions will bring colossal success. Pseudo-liberals, who tried to disrupt the stable order of the country, bring confusion and raise an artificial uprising, will flee abroad. But the Europeans, wise by the bitter experience of cooperation with the traitors, will give them back, and everyone will get what they deserve. The same will happen to those who have been hiding from the authorities for a long time because of large bribes, theft.

The countries of Europe will hand them over with giblets and will be ready to return to Russia all the sums they have stolen. And there is a reason for this – the Russian Federation will come to the aid of Europeans who have lost their calmness and the notorious, high standard of living due to regular support for the insidious US policy.

As for the main economic directions, Russia will switch from Europe to the East and Asia. This is stated in her messages not only by Matrona, but also by Vanga, a Bulgarian fortune teller and healer. A powerful union of great civilizations, whose history spans millennia, will be created. Thanks to close cooperation in the agricultural, industrial, space, pharmaceutical, and defense sectors with India, China, the Russian Federation will become the world’s leader. Despite its power, Russia will continue to develop mutual cooperation with states that have endured pressure from Europe and the United States – Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico.

It is thanks to the actions of Russian diplomacy and the strengthening of military power with the help of the military complex of the Russian Federation that rogue countries will be able to withstand a series of conflicts artificially created by the United States. Russia will not forget about its permanent partners – the countries of the CIS and Africa.

The last prophecy for Ukraine

For several years now, we have been sadly watching the events taking place in the country where a huge part of our compatriots live. The persecution of the Russian language, revolutions one after another, the complete failure of reforms that promised a new and cloudless life – all this will lead Ukraine into a state of chaos and decline. The matron spoke of this with sympathy. According to her, a terrible moment will come when the people will not have to choose between bread and the cross. Everyone will think only about one thing – how to survive. The following interpretation of Matrona leads to horror and awe: “to make pellets out of the earth and eat, that’s what will happen to the inhabitants of Ukraine.”

In general, the clairvoyant always said this about Ukrainians: “They are Slavs, but they just don’t want to admit it, this is the root of all the evil and difficulties that will fall on the head of this nation.

You can learn about the future that awaits us from the latest predictions of other famous clairvoyants. Authoritative persons agree in their forecasts in the following positions: there will be a decline of the great superpower – the United States. It will be torn apart by both internal strife and terrible cataclysms – volcanoes, tornadoes, floods, etc. Europe, due to America’s interference in its internal affairs, will plunge into chaos and war, will be torn into small states. In Russia there will come a period of revival, flourishing of culture, economy and well-being of people. Asia and the East, Africa and Latin America will become the main allies of our state. How true this is, we will find out very soon. Be patient and get ready to witness the fall of empires and metamorphosis on the planet.

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