Kabbalists warn: famine is coming!

Over the past few years, wheat harvests around the world have fallen dangerously, dramatically increasing the likelihood of global famine, which for some reason is silent on the global media. However, one can see a good sign in the coming and inevitable world food crisis: world pestilence and famine are predicted in the Book of the prophet Amos, for they will become the precursors of the coming of the messiah. And then Israel, a tiny country, will bloom with all its deserts, becoming a world reference in this global crisis, helping the world grow food and bring it closer to redemption.

 The massive drop in the wheat harvest has become apparent to anyone familiar with subtropical agriculture as farmers have recently begun harvesting grains even in winter. In colder climates such as the US, winter wheat yields, which account for 70-80 percent of the total annual crop, are down 38 percent from last year. Wheat futures prices are rising worldwide faster than gold prices. As a result, bread prices rise imperceptibly within each country.

 American grain underproduction is only part of a global trend. Ukraine, once considered the food granary of all of Europe, harvests 7 percent less than last year, when it harvested 7 percent less than the year before. And this trend has been observed there for many years. Although officially everything seems to be connected with the endless Ukrainian revolutions and war, the whole of Europe and even Canada demonstrates absolutely the same trend.

Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri, a well-known kabbalist from Jerusalem, quoted to us (breakingisraelnews.com) the words of the prophet Amos, who predicted world famine at the End of Days. This will be, although extremely painful, but at the same time an extremely important stage in the historical process, which should end with the arrival of the messiah:

Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord God, when I will send a famine on the earth, not a famine of bread, I am not thirsty for water, but I am thirsty to hear the words of Hashem. Amos 8:11

“In the days before Moshiach there will be a famine in the world like no one has ever seen before,” Rabbi Batzri told breakingisraelnews.com. “But there is no bad news in this,” the Rebbe continues, for, as the prophet says, “this terrible famine will serve a divine purpose.”

The rabbi explains that global famine, food and water shortages around the world will inevitably force other countries to connect with Israel, and this is the most important stage in the messianic process:

 “In the first place, they will all come to us for food, but hunger will eventually help them realize that the physical is not as important as the spiritual. When the nations come to Israel, they will realize that what they really lack is not ordinary food, but a special spiritual light of the Torah that can only come from Israel.”

Even a general overview of the situation, far from Kabbalistic, clearly shows that the potential for global hunger is very real. The US harvest was the lowest in 108 years. Kansas, which accounts for 40 percent of U.S. wheat, has been hardest hit by climate change, with its recent crop down 35 percent from last year’s already low crop.  

So now the United States, the largest grain exporter for many years, was replaced by Russia last year and it is very unlikely that the situation with US grain exports will return to its previous status anytime soon. However, as we said above, wheat harvests are falling everywhere, including in Europe, especially in cold Russia.

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trudman, director of the Chadash Torah Institute of Light, sees the coming food crisis as a necessary step to move the world in the right direction in anticipation of the coming of the messiah: 

“These difficulties open the way for the world to link their destinies with Israel. In doing so, global famine positions Israel as the nation that will lead the redemption for the nations. We know from the prophets that at the end of the day the whole world will come to Israel to dispel the darkness.”

To illustrate his point, the rabbi cites the prophet Isaiah:

For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the nations; But Hashem will shine on you, and His glory will be on you. Lift up your eyes and you will see: all have gathered and come to you. Isaiah 60:2-4

Rabbi Trugman believes that the Jewish state will do a great job of leading the fight against world hunger:  

“Modern Israel is a leader in agricultural technology and water management. In fact, Israel is one of the smallest and driest countries in the world. Nevertheless, it produces almost 70 percent of its own food needs. Over the past 25 years, our agricultural output has increased sevenfold, with virtually no increase in water use. Our agricultural innovations have been adopted by countries all over the world.” 

“This is not only a prominent scientific achievement, but also a modern manifestation of a prophetic blessing from Isaiah,” continues Rabbi Truman, “If God is deliberately directing this situation, which brings the world closer to hunger and leads to uncontrolled resource management, the end result of what we see is that countries around the world are moving closer to Israel. First, they will turn to Israel, so that Israel will help them cope with the famine. But when they come and become friends with Israel, they will already be open to our spiritual light.”

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