The end of the world is not soon and other predictions from the Vedas

Mankind is used to preparing for the end of the world in any unusual situation. Either the millennium, or some other nonsense like the Mayan calendar for 2012.

Moreover, religious sects like to yell about a terrible Judgment, and atheists are simply meticulously and quietly preparing for the “mustache is gone”, although they don’t believe it.

In the Vedas, in this sense, everything is as clear and understandable as possible. The exact number of years after which the “whisker” will come is named and it is described in detail how this “whisker” occurs.

The era in which we were lucky enough to live is considered one of the most terrible. It is called Kali Yuga, lasts 432 thousand years, and only five thousand years have passed. The end is not yet near, but people will still have many reasons to envy those who were born earlier.

According to predictions, drinking water will run out, there will be no real food, life in cities will become unbearable … Does it remind you of anything? Turn on any film about the post-apocalypse and almost everywhere you can see a similar picture: the desert and poor ragged people, in the struggle for food and water. Why do you think so?

This is just the question of reincarnation. Everything repeats itself, there is nothing new – four epochs are spinning one after another. And as they say: “But hands, hands remember!”. So my dears, who was born last time in the Kali Yuga, he again comes in this era.

With the development of the Kali Yuga, a person who turns 30 years old will be considered an old man. Growth will be no more than a meter, and people will be prone to devouring their own kind …

What about at the end of the world?

There is complete and partial destruction of the universe. Partially, this is when the entire Universe is first burned with a flame, then flooded with water, and then slowly everything is restored and the longest and most blissful era, the Satya Yuga, takes over. It lasts a long time, people also live very long and they are all pious. This happens every 4 billion years (nothing at all)

And the full is called Mahapralaya and occurs every 311 trillion years. In this situation, the entire Universe collapses, turns into the original “broth”, and the souls go into a long sleep, if they do not deserve to return to the spiritual world. But that’s a completely different story…

By the way, there is one semi-abandoned church in Kyiv, where amazing frescoes have been preserved. And one of them is called – “Angel Twisting the Heavens.” I think that’s just about it…

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