Top 5 Foretellers and Their Key Prophecies

5. Wolf Messing

In fifth place we will put the famous Soviet Jew. Who was rather a very good psychologist and mentalist. He gave whole concerts for “believers” in themselves.

His main prediction for the 21st century can be considered the transformation of the United States into a second-rate state.

4. Edgar Cayce

An American medium who made his prophecies in a state of trance. Created thousands of pages of text about the future, which he saw in a “dream”. All his predictions are carefully kept in the archives of the CIA.

His key word was that the Urals would save everyone in times of global cataclysms.

3. Grigory Rasputin

The most mysterious person in history. He had a colossal influence on the fate of Russia and the whole world, while remaining in the shadows. Neither a priest nor a sorcerer. He himself did not fully understand who he was, but he left his mark in the prophecies for us.

“People are heading towards disaster. The most inept will drive the wagon in Russia, and in France, and in Italy, and in other places … “(c)

2. Nostradamus

One of the most famous prophets. The French soothsayer, with the help of his quatrains, encrypted messages for 2500 years ahead.

In the near future, according to him, we are waiting for hunger, devastation and the Third World War.

1. Vanga

Well, where without Vanga? Pillar of prophetic thought. Bulgarian, who is generally the most powerful predictor in the entire history of civilization. She left predictions until 3797. Oh, if only mankind hadn’t killed themselves before…

For the near future, her key prediction can be considered the discovery of an alternative energy source that will turn the world upside down.

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