Predictions about Putin for 2020

For such a long period, no one has been in the post of president of the Russian state, except for Joseph Stalin! This alarms some Russians, calms others, and still others begin to predict the future and prophesy V.V. Putin certain fateful moments – from a serious illness to almost complete ideological and political immortality.

Among such predictors there are many well-known personalities, on the forecasts of which we will dwell in more detail. After the elections in March 2018, the interest of Russians in the fate of Vladimir Putin increased a hundredfold. People look for information in any sources and continue to believe in the best, equally relying on the forecasts of astrologers, political scientists and economists. Will the President of the Russian Federation be able to change the lives of Russian citizens for the better not in words but in deeds? And what awaits him in 2020?

Forecasts of clairvoyants and astrologers about Putin

  • Pavel Globa made predictions based on the predictions of Vasily Nemchin, who wrote in his treatise about the emergence of the Great Potter – a person with great strength and knowledge, incredible wisdom and charisma. The year of appearance of such a ruler is not indicated; it is only assumed that Gonchar will lead Russia to prosperity in 2024. Globa’s previous forecast about the death of Vladimir Putin in 2016 has not come true. Nemchin’s prophecies also cause distrust among many, since no one except Pavel Globa personally observed his manuscripts and did not read a single line.
  • Astrologer Vlad Ross suggests that events in the future life of the President of the Russian Federation will not turn out in the best way. The conclusions are based on the fact that Putin’s reign began at the moment of a fatal solar eclipse. Such individuals work vigorously, and then leave with lightning speed. The reign cycle of such a person can last from six months to 18 years. This means that Putin’s saros has already expired in 2018.
  • Astrologer Sergei Loginov reports a serious illness of Vladimir Vladimirovich and believes that important decisions have long been made by his close associates. This year, the situation will take a serious turn – a split will begin between the ruling elite sectors. Each “branch of capitalism” would prefer to nominate its own representative as president. The economic and political division of the territories may begin when the regions demand separation from the capital of the Russian Federation. Already today such preconditions are observed. For example, in the Far East, the territory of which is being developed by China at a frantic pace.
  • Astrologer Mikhail Levin predicts that Putin’s successor will follow the path of reforming the security forces. He believes that a change of power in Russia will definitely happen. The whole system of governing the country will also change. Before that, Russia is waiting for the behind-the-scenes game of politicians and the deterioration of the life of ordinary people. It is assumed that Putin will not want to give up power voluntarily, no matter what.
  • The modern prophetess Elena Osipenko reports that the mission of people born under the sign of Libra is to restore the harmony of the world. The President of Russia, who has decided in favor of an aggressive foreign policy, commits real violence against himself. His inner world will soon surprise him in the form of a terrible disease, and death is inevitable.
  • French astrologer Maria Duval believes that an energetic young man, whose specialization is economics and finance, will come to power in Russia. His active actions in the political and economic arena will begin in 2020. Maria suggests that Putin will voluntarily leave his post due to illness.
  • A specialist in the field of numerology and esotericism Alexander Alexandrov believes that Putin’s rule will end only in 2024. His predictions are based on the magic of numbers – an entire book is devoted to this teaching. Alexandrov’s predictions about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin are based on key dates in the president’s personal and professional life, and they indicate that it is too early to expect Putin’s resignation in 2020.

Predictions about Putin for 2020

Vanga: predictions about Putin

The prophecies of the famous Bulgarian soothsayer about the future of Russia and about President Vladimir appeared in the early seventies. Vanga’s words sounded like this: ” … his glory will thunder over Russia even after everything melts like ice “. At that time, the country was ruled by a completely different president. Also, according to Vanga’s prediction, during Putin’s rule, the country will face upheavals with a large number of casualties. Each of us sees the confirmation of this prophecy, reinforced by the annual mass death of Russians.

However, it is important not only to receive a prediction, but also to interpret it correctly. At one time, Vanga spoke about Prince Vladimir. What she meant by this, no one knows. There is reason to believe that the prophecy about fame and melting ice does not refer to Vladimir Putin, but is associated with a completely different person. There is also an opinion that Vanga predicted only the coming to power of Vladimir Vladimirovich, who, by his appearance, has already done a lot to assert Russia’s position in the world. It was Vladimir who was destined to become the ruler of the whole world and leave behind only a void.

According to Vanga, after all the trials, the Great Power will occupy a dominant position in the world space. The prophetess did not predict the death of Putin and did not name the events after which he was destined to leave his post. She did not tell about who will remain after him. Perhaps this is the most terrible and incomprehensible of all Vanga’s prophecies, more reminiscent of a description of the end of the world.

Prophecies of the monks

Predictions about Putin for 2020

Elder Athanasius predicted punishment for Putin for inciting military conflicts

  • Predictions of Athos elders. On Athos, opinions about the personality of Vladimir Putin were divided. Elder Athanasius considers the current president of Russia a duplicitous usurper. Athanasius interprets all his actions as sabotage. He believes that at the will of the president, a war was unleashed in the Donbass, and Putin will be punished for this with terrible torments. He also talked about the fact that there is a diabolical power that protects Vladimir, and this power does not come from God. However, Elder Gabriel believes that Vladimir Putin helps all the peoples of Russia and takes on an overwhelming burden.
  • Prophecies of the monk Abel. A Russian Orthodox monk predicted a number of historical events starting from the second half of the 18th century, which for the most part came true. Abel is considered the most famous and mysterious Inca, who studied astrology and wrote down revelations sent down to him. For unfavorable predictions, Abel spent almost 20 years in prison. The seer predicted the reign of Boris, who would voluntarily leave his post. After him, a new ruler will appear, and he will rule three times. After Putin’s departure from power, there will be ” 10 kings for an hour ” who will bring nothing to Russia, and only after them will a new ruler appear who can make Russia great.

Forecasts of politicians, economists and businessmen

Predictions about Putin for 2020

Experts believe that already in 2020 the discontent of the people will step over all conceivable limits, and the Russians will demand the resignation of the current government

  • The former head of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky , a public and political figure, suggests that by 2020 the claims of the Russian people against President Putin will intensify, and outrage will reach the limit. In 2020, power in Russia will urgently change. Nothing more can be predicted due to the fact that Putin’s thinking is unpredictable, and his behavior is not described by any patterns. The businessman claims that the characteristics of his personality also make it difficult to predict the future fate of the president. It is likely that the President of the Russian Federation is just a screen behind which representatives of the world oligarchy are hiding.
  • Leonid Sedov , a well-known sociologist, made his forecast based on many years of studying important dates in the history of the Russian state. Judging by the data of his mathematical models, it is by 2020 that a change of power should take place in the Russian Federation.
  • The head of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin is considered a good forecaster. At one time, he was able to foresee Yeltsin’s departure from the post of Great Power. At the moment, the expert believes that there are no prerequisites that could threaten the power of V. Putin. There are no more leaders of this magnitude in Russia. He considers all rumors about the president’s illness far-fetched – Shokhin is sure that Vladimir Vladimirovich will not voluntarily leave the post. In any case, until Russia’s position in the world community is sufficiently strengthened. The president’s entourage is preparing effective reforms, the implementation of which is scheduled until 2025.


The curiosity of the people about their leader is not difficult to understand. Promises of a better life already cut the ear, and people have long ceased to believe the president. He himself continues to evasively answer all questions, or even ignores important events in the country that the Russian people have entrusted to him. The forecasts are contradictory, but there is something important in each of them. Which of them to believe, each of us will have to decide for ourselves.

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