Vanga’s predictions for 2021 about the fate of Russia, China and the USA

Almost 25 years ago, the great Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga passed away. But she managed to leave her loved ones prophecies about what will happen in the future. About what the world is waiting for, it has long been written in the Book of Fates, which no one has yet been able to read. But sometimes it seems that Vanga knew what was written by heart, her prophecies were so accurate. Therefore, she was able to leave behind predictions for many years to come.

Before the start of each year, Vanga’s close people perform on various TV shows, where they talk about what will happen next year. According to them, the clairvoyant herself asked them about this before her death. She told each of them about the upcoming events, and bequeathed for the time being to keep them secret.

Which state will rule the world? Is it true that America will cease to exist? How will China surprise us again? What disease will be chained in iron chains? And what will change in the United States after the departure of President Donald Trump?

You will learn about this from Vanga’s new predictions. I have collected in this article those prophecies that relate to 2021, that is, the near future.

Revival of Russia

Vanga's predictions for 2021 about the fate of Russia, China and the USA

The Bulgarian clairvoyant always spoke warmly about Russia, considering it a spiritual support for the whole world. That is why she made so many predictions for our country. One of the most famous literally sounds like this:

“A great country will rise from its knees and take on a leading role in the world.”

Often the blind seer said that the time would come and Russia would begin to unite around itself friendly states from among the former Soviet republics.

“The Soviet Union will be re-established in the first quarter of the 21st century.”

And after the “new USSR” is revived, prosperity and rapid development of the economy will begin.

“Russia is the mother of all Slavic powers. Those who turned away from her will return in a new guise. Russia will not deviate from the path of reforms, which in the end will lead to the growth of its strength and power.

And in this matter, many predictors are united. Moreover, 2021 is considered the beginning, a kind of starting point, after which Russia will strengthen its position on the world stage.

A terrible disease will be defeated, but a new one will come to replace

Finally, there will be an effective cure for cancer. Cancer can be successfully treated. And this is one of Vanga’s most joyful and optimistic predictions for 2021.

“The day will come when cancer will be bound with iron chains.”

Meanwhile, we can expect other diseases. The clairvoyant warned of a new disease “from rays” that could control a person and destroy him. It can be assumed that we are talking about the strongest flares on the Sun, the negative impact on the body of 5G, a nuclear explosion or the use of chemical weapons.

The power of China

Vanga's predictions for 2021 about the fate of Russia, China and the USA

“A strong dragon will take over humanity. Three giants will unite… People will have red money. I see the numbers 100, 5 and lots of zeros.”

Vanga always avoided exact dates and names of states. Her predictions can sometimes be interpreted in two ways, but not this time. Researchers of her prophecies believe that in this case we are talking about China. And the other two giants can be unmistakably considered Russia and India.

As for money, green dollars will be replaced by red yuan or rubles, because one hundred yuan and five thousand rubles have this color.

US fall

About the eternal enemy of Russia, the United States of America, Vanga put it briefly:

“Old age will destroy the country.”

And this is very similar to the truth. It is enough to pay attention to the venerable age of the last President Biden. His unpredictable behavior and senile dementia could lead the US anywhere but to prosperity.

“The 45th President of the United States will be the last.”

Previously, Trump was considered this president. But Biden came to power. Maybe someone once made a mistake in the calculations?

Vanga also foresaw the interracial and interreligious conflicts that swept the country. America is expected not only by natural disasters, but also by disease, poverty, unemployment.

“The great nation over the ocean, in which people from different tribes live, will cease to exist.”

The seer saw that large areas would be flooded. The US expects earthquakes, floods, tsunamis.

Muslim invasion

Well, Europe expects another influx of refugees. Moreover, these are not only ordinary people, but also members of terrorist organizations who will organize terrorist attacks using firearms and chemical weapons, riots, and inter-religious wars.

“Crowds of dissidents, presenting themselves as victims, will turn into “servants of the devil.” Extremists are using an arsenal of chemical weapons against Europeans.”

Natural disasters

Vanga's predictions for 2021 about the fate of Russia, China and the USA

According to Vanga, in 2021 the Earth will slightly change its orbit. This will lead to an increase in volcanic and seismic activity. Indeed, in just three months, several volcanoes have awakened and many earthquakes have occurred. It’s good that there are no casualties so far.

But the worst is yet to come. Vanga expected an increase in cataclysms in the summer of 2021.

“The ocean will flood many countries, and all coastal cities will live in fear. Most living beings will perish, and even those who run away will die of a terrible disease.”

And only Russia is not in danger. If any cataclysms happen on our territory, they will be insignificant and will not bring heavy losses and damage. Vanga said that Russia is the safest country, it is there that refugees will rush in search of protection.

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