Prophecies of John of Kronstadt about the future of Russia

Among the Holy Fathers of the Russian Orthodox Church there are many seers and seers who, in their Divine revelations, warned the people of Russia that apostasy from God, increasing sinfulness and permissiveness lead to great collapse and bloody massacres.

And many of them, speaking of terrible events, still insistently repeated that Russia under the banner of the Church of Christ would stand, pass all trials, and shine in new glory.

John of Kronstadt – a stronghold of Orthodoxy

The greatest Russian righteous man, miracle worker, prayer book Saint Righteous John of Kronstadt lived and worked for the glory of God at the beginning of the 20th century, when all his works were already recorded, published and printed. His original photographs and manuscripts have been preserved. That is, the predictions of the Saint were not distorted, adjusted to past events, as was sometimes the case with the preprinted works of Russian prophets.

No, everything that he preached during his lifetime, everything that he spoke about in his sermons, could be heard, read, conveyed to loved ones by many thousands of people.

Therefore, reading his works, it is worth thinking about modern events. A repetition of the situation should not happen, we, the Orthodox, need to change our minds, do everything to save our own souls and our Motherland.

John of Kronstadt on the weakening of power

Prophecies of John of Kronstadt about the future of Russia

One of the current statements about. John concerns the weakening of power in Russia. Today, more than ever, this echoes the events of the 21st century. The saint spoke about the fact that it is difficult to find the evil that the Russian people have not yet done in their country. What is happening causes the righteous wrath of God, because obvious unbelief, blasphemy, terrible depravity, drunkenness, exorbitant amusements instead of calm prayer and repentance – every day this is becoming more and more characteristic of the top of society. It is those who have power in the country who will be responsible before God for everything that happens and what will happen next. No one can escape punishment and escape the Last Judgment.

And then the preacher compares the state of statehood in Russia with nothing but hell itself. He says that even demons have a certain order and hierarchy – the lower ones obey the higher ones, and the strong command the weak. In Russia, all power has disappeared: children do not recognize their parents, subordinates do not recognize their bosses, students do not put teachers in anything. Divine services are not held at the proper level, Christian morality is not valued. Growing anarchy and the power of evil.

Isn’t it time for the authorities to come to their senses, bring moral principles to the fore, stop rampant debauchery and put unnatural perversions under a ban! We see what is being done in this direction and we understand how demonic forces resist. But is this enough?

About the clergy

Prophecies of John of Kronstadt about the future of Russia
In his diaries and sermons, John of Kronstadt mercilessly denounced, among other things, the clergy, whom he considered the main saving force for our Motherland. He represented the priests precisely as warriors who must prevent the disasters that are approaching Russia. Prophetic vision painted terrible, bloody pictures for him, so he called on all the clergy to stand up for Orthodoxy, which in those days was a very big force. He believed that it was the priests who were primarily responsible for the state of their flock, and, therefore, for the state of society.

John bitterly noted that Russia had forgotten that only God, by his own will, would save her. The blind human mind, which sees no further than its own life, has been placed at the top of the corner. Instead of God’s will, the principle of sinful freedom, arbitrariness is deified. Society fell into spiritual hibernation, became corrupt and spiritually cold. That is why the Russian people are in poverty, suffer disgrace from the whole world, suffer from sins and illnesses.

God is punishing his country for this. The state that preserves the kingdom of the Lord does not justify its mission, does not cope with it and does not want to improve. For this, God sends troubles and misfortunes, and the Mother of God refuses to help. And since the Lord turned away, Satan rules widely and rampantly in the country.

The main culprits, according to Father John, are the rulers-pastors, whom the Lord watches in the first place. Where is their educational, sacred, pastoral activity? Why did they begin to think about other things, and not about those who are subordinate to them? Their work is not carried out at the proper level, the priests are cold towards their parishioners and indifferent …

About the future of Russia

Prophecies of John of Kronstadt about the future of Russia

But the great seer did not think that everything was lost for Russia. He appeals to all generations of Russian people:

Return, Russia, to your holy, immaculate, saving, victorious faith and to the Holy Church – your mother – and you will be victorious and glorious, as in the old believing time.

Let people accept such principles as soon as possible, then prosperous days will come! We need to pray to the Most Holy Theotokos, the chosen one of God, Seraphim of Sarov, to all the Russian Saints that they ask for us before the throne of God, and we could see our Fatherland in glory and power.

A Russian person must understand that Russia is the foot of the Throne of the Lord, and thank God for being Russian!

Only if the Russian people return to the faith, come to churches, repent of sins and offer prayers, only then will our country be able to take its rightful place in the world order. And it’s not about great-power and imperial claims. John of Kronstadt is talking about the spiritual role, the state of society and the spiritual disposition of people. When consolation is found not in money and sins, but in understanding the truth and purpose of one’s life.

As long as Russia is Orthodox, and diligently honors God and the Mother of God, until then it will be powerful and unshakable, for from the beginning to the present it has come out of all troubles, strengthened and expanded by the intercession and help of the Mother of God in all wars and military, distressful circumstances – and the Russian princes , kings, emperors, and the Christ-loving army always diligently honored the Ever-Virgin and Mother.

May the prophecies of the Holy righteous miracle worker of the Russian land come true, may our country rise in all its majestic glory and power!

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