Instant darkness and death of all mankind: a new date for the end of the world has been named

Prophecies about the end of the world remain one of the most popular topics for idle conversations of mystical lovers since, it seems, the beginning of time. It is not surprising that such predictions appear with enviable regularity. The next date, after which not a single living person will remain on Earth, was voiced by the North American mystic Aristillus.
In 2012, humanity was preparing for the end of the world on the basis that it was at this point that the incredibly accurate calendars of the ancient Maya Indians ended. Now, to save energy, humanity is offered not to make plans later than June 10, 2307. It was on this day, said the mysterious soothsayer Aristillus, that the end of the world would come.

Thus, humanity has another 288 years. The mystic offers to spend this time not on finding opportunities to avoid the apocalypse, but on enjoying life, the portal reports. According to him, to avoid a tragic denouement will not work in any case. Moreover, the predictor himself does not know for what reason humanity is waiting for the end of the world.

Aristillus admitted that he had a prophetic dream in which the world instantly plunged into darkness, after which all people died. What exactly happened, who literally “turned off the light” and “put things in order”, was not said in the vision.
Of course, many netizens were skeptical about the next prediction of the end of the world. They say that it is easy to make predictions for such a long time that there will simply be no one to check them. However, they added thoughtfully, even if this turns out to be true and all of humanity dies instantly, then no one will be able to confirm the correctness of the mystic either.

Supporters of Aristille remind all doubters that he predicted the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election, the beginning of the UK’s exit from the European Union, the devastating earthquake and tsunami on the island of Sulawesi in 2018 and other notable events witnessed by his contemporaries. Thus, they note, it is possible to test the power of the mystic’s predictive gift right now.

The seer Aristillus keeps incognito and makes his predictions exclusively via the Internet. The sonorous pseudonym, apparently, is a reference to the ancient Greek astronomer Aristillus of Samos. The scientist worked in Alexandria and together with his colleague Timochares of Alexandria. They compiled the first catalog of stars in ancient history with their coordinates.

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