Predictions for 2019 from Matrona, Messing, Nostradamus, and Vanga (10 photos)

Since ancient times, people have been interested in what awaits them in the future. Since then, little has changed, and everyone still wants to open the curtain on the future. After all, if you know what will happen to you, then you can, at least somehow, prepare for this, if not physically, then at least mentally. The 21st century is full of various prophets, clairvoyants and psychics. But are there real prophets among them? Alas, no one can say that. Nevertheless, today we will talk about the great philosopher, seer and prophet, Michel Nostradamus, known throughout the world for his accurate predictions.

It is on his words that you can rely with absolute certainty, because the fulfilled prophecies of Nostradamus without further ado prove the veracity of his gift of foreshadowing.

During his life, he wrote ten Centuries, which consist of 942 quatrain poems (in which prophecies are hidden for many years), several free quatrains that are not part of any Centurion, and an outstanding scientist and prophet published annual astrological almanacs.

Predictions for 2019 from Matrona, Messing, Nostradamus, and Vanga (10 photos)

The ambiguous predictions of Nostradamus for 2019, the great astrologer, are still being interpreted and deciphered, giving out one or another prediction, revealing to the world a bewitching truth about the future of all mankind.

Nostradamus Predictions for 2019 for Russia

Predictions for 2019 from Matrona, Messing, Nostradamus, and Vanga (10 photos)

Russia will suffer the least from all natural disasters and military vicissitudes. In addition, according to the great predictor, it is Russia that will play the role of the main arbiter in solving all global problems and settling all kinds of world-class conflicts.

The following thoughts are also intertwined in the verses: in 2019, Russia will feel a severe lack of water, due to the fact that there will be many polluted reservoirs in France. For the same reason, a riot can occur. Cataclysms will happen, few will be able to escape from trouble, mainly influential people.

But who knows how correctly the poems of the great man were deciphered? Perhaps in them the soothsayer wanted to say something else, but scientists deciphered them incorrectly.

Verbatim predictions of other clairvoyants for Russia

Vanga’s predictions

Predictions for 2019 from Matrona, Messing, Nostradamus, and Vanga (10 photos)

Vanga has repeatedly said that Russia in 2019 expects a third world war. A man whose predictions have repeatedly come true claims that 2019 will be unfavorable for Russia, as the country will face another crisis, famine and various armed clashes. As Vanga says, in 2019 people will treat each other inhumanly, and therefore they will be participants in conflict situations. The country will be in turmoil.

According to Vanga, 2019 is preparing terrible events for Russia that not all people can survive. Initially, the war will begin in the struggle for justice, but it will all develop into a struggle for food. People of different religions will start fighting among themselves, encouraging each other to illegal actions.

In the coming year there will be no place for justice: people will try to survive in complete chaos and disorder. Vanga says that strong people who know how to take everything they need from others will be right. At this time, people will begin to fight for power, they, like animals, will begin to fight among themselves, not taking into account any human qualities.

Matrona’s predictions for Russia

Predictions for 2019 from Matrona, Messing, Nostradamus, and Vanga (10 photos)

In all sources, Matrona’s predictions about the fate of Russia in 2019 sound different. Perhaps her predictions were written at different time intervals or incorrectly deciphered. But in them one can find both a good and favorable future for Russia, and a negative “dying” of the whole world.

According to Matrona’s predictions, Russia will unite with Belarus. And it is from this year that the economic problems that for a long time could not recede from Russia will cease. On the contrary, Russia will be able to establish trade relations, and the country will trade in various goods, supplying them abroad.

Matrona also said that by the summer it would be possible to revive Christianity. This does not mean at all that life will return several hundred years ago, but things will improve with agriculture. By 2019, many will begin to believe in God, as they will feel his help on themselves.

Doctors will be able to develop a medicine that can save people from deadly diseases. Some sources say that the main component of this medicine will be holy water.

These Matrona predictions for 2019 are positive for Russia, and are directly related to church affairs.

In other sources, it was described that the Matrona of Moscow prophesies the end of the world, which will come in 2019.

The Great Matrona said that on the evening of one day in 2019, all of humanity would fall to the ground dead, and on the morning of the next day it would fall underground. Thus, the end of the world will happen, and 2019 will be the period of counting the new time. People are afraid of this prophecy, because the words of a great man testify to it. But on the other hand, no one can prove the veracity of this information, even though some of Matrona’s predictions for 2015 came true.

Psychics and healers have repeatedly talked about the end of the world, which never happened. Therefore, one can to some extent hope that everything in the country will improve and humanity will continue its peaceful existence.

Wolf Messing’s predictions

Predictions for 2019 from Matrona, Messing, Nostradamus, and Vanga (10 photos)

A mysterious person with extraordinary abilities, a telepath, a psychic, a magician, an illusionist and a hypnotist – this is how Wolf Messing, a man who can see through time, was remembered by everyone. Not only ordinary inhabitants, but also high ranks turned to him for help. His predictions have always come true. The realities of today instill fear, despair and uncertainty in the minds of people. Consciously or subconsciously, we increasingly turn our thoughts to the future with the hope that all troubles will end, that our relatives and friends will be happy. How you want to be sure of this, and this confidence is confirmed by the predictions of the great Messing.

At one of his speeches, people weary of military operations asked about the possibility of a global war in the future. Being in a state of trance, the great prophet replied that there would be peace. Despite the fact that everything around is constantly changing, and everyone is tired of inconstancy, you need to be aware that what Messing said is not just words, but a clear vision of the future by this unique person. Hope for peace and happiness should not be extinguished in human hearts, we should not forget that the great soothsayer never made a mistake in his prophecies.

Predictions of Nostradamus for the whole world

Predictions for 2019 from Matrona, Messing, Nostradamus, and Vanga (10 photos)

Forecasts regarding the fate of the world, Nostradamus outlined in the books of prophecies called “Centuries”, the first of which was published in 1555. The collections contain 100 poems-quatrains. Each of them sheds light on the events of a particular year.

“Out of rage, one will wait for water,
The army is excited with great fury.
The nobles are loaded on 17 ships
Along the Rhone; The messenger arrived late.

As for the predictions of Nostradamus specifically in 2019, there are many disagreements. Some argue that Nostradamus did not write about our time, and all this is far-fetched. Others vehemently insist that there are quatrains that describe the events of our day and the near future.

Be that as it may, each person has the right to decide whether to believe him in the predictions of the great astrologer or not. In the future, everything will fall into place and the overall picture will become clear.

Predictions for 2019 from Matrona, Messing, Nostradamus, and Vanga (10 photos)

According to Nostradamus, in the near future a freak (ugly baby) should be born. This will be a sign of the onset of dark days for all mankind. The beginning of darkness will come from the East. People in turbans will unleash a brutal war. Nostradamus wrote about the military conflict between two Arab countries. Rivers of blood will flow. Other states will not be able to stand aside and will also take part in the bloodshed. Subsequently, two worlds will clash in a deadly battle – Christian and Muslim.

During the war, terrible weapons of mass destruction will be used. The weapon will be chemical. As a result, many peoples will massively migrate to the north.

In addition to human cruelty and bloodlust, the people will also suffer from natural disasters. By the beginning of 2019, streams of water will hit the ground. The rains will be so strong that for several months, without a break, the countries of Europe will be flooded. Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Great Britain will lose part of their territories – they will simply disappear under water.

Predictions for 2019 from Matrona, Messing, Nostradamus, and Vanga (10 photos)

Judging by the quatrains of Nostradamus, the continents will almost completely empty, and the once prosperous cities will turn into ruins. And for some time Europe will be empty.

Water bodies in France will be contaminated or polluted. On this basis, riots are possible. Michel Nostradamus foresees a mass evacuation of the French to places not so affected by tectonic cataclysms.

Do the prophecies of Nostradamus come true?

For most modern people, the accuracy of the predictions of the French seer raises certain doubts. However, much of what was written in the Centuries has already become a reality. For example, the prophecy about a child from a poor Western European family who will captivate many with his speeches and become famous even in the far east is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler. The parents of the future dictator did not really differ in wealth, and he received power over Germany largely thanks to the talent of a speaker.

Predictions for 2019 from Matrona, Messing, Nostradamus, and Vanga (10 photos)

It was the conclusion of an alliance with Japan that brought fame to the Fuhrer in the Far East. And the words “fierce hungry animals will cross the rivers” is a clear reference to the events of World War II. Researchers of the works of Nostradamus proved that the scientist predicted such epoch-making events as the fall of the twin towers in the United States, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the testing of the atomic bomb. But to trust the famous seer or not, everyone decides for himself.

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