Rasputin’s predictions come true! What will happen next? (3 photos)

The course and results of these experiments are usually classified. Yes, and they are conducted, in fact, illegally. Officially, international law prohibits the modification of human genetic material. But look what is happening in the world.

In the laboratory of Shanghai, the genetic material of a human and a rabbit was combined. The embryo has developed to the cellular level. This means that human organs can be grown for the foreseeable future. In one of the clinics in the US state of Minnesota, they created a hybrid of a pig and a human. The pig looks no different from its relatives. And in China, they conducted experiments on the fertilization of chimpanzees with human spermatozoa. Who will be born as a result of such experiments? What will they lead to?

Incredibly, at the beginning of the last century, the famous old man Grigory Rasputin foresaw the genetic experiments of our time! Moreover, he predicted their outcome. According to Rasputin, monsters will be born that will not be people or animals. And many people who will not have a mark (that is, an umbilical cord) on the body will have some kind of mark in the soul. And at some point, the time will come when a monster of monsters will be found in the cradle – a man without a soul.

What other prophecies did Grigory Rasputin make? And what has already begun to come true?

Grigory Rasputin (photo source Yandex Pictures)

Members of the royal family treated Grigory Rasputin with special respect. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna considered him a holy elder.

In Yekaterinburg, shortly before the execution, the only thing the Empress asked was to bring her a box with letters from her “dear friend” Grigory.

Thanks to his gift for predicting the future, a simple village peasant became a member of high society. During the attacks on the royal family, Rasputin began to be called the sovereign’s puppeteer. There were libels and cartoons. And the bloody massacre of the elder finally overshadowed his image. But those who were close to Rasputin from the moment of his rise to the very end, assure that he was deliberately defamed. The influence of the Siberian elder on Russian and even world politics has become too great.

Rasputin's predictions come true! What will happen next? (3 photos)
one of the caricatures of Rasputin and Nicholas II (Pinterest photo source)

Contemporaries were amazed at the accuracy of Rasputin’s prophecies. Among his predictions are the assassination of the last reformer of the Russian Empire, Pyotr Stolypin, the destruction of the Russian squadron off the coast of Japan. He also knew about the impending execution of the Romanov family. In one of his visions, he said that the king would change his crown to a crown of thorns. Will be betrayed by his people. A mad man with an ax will take power. Will scour Russia. And the main temple will turn to dust.

The maid of honor of the Empress Anna Vyrubova, who owed her life to Rasputin, recalled in her memoirs how Rasputin saw pictures of the future. His eyes were fixed far ahead. He described everything in detail. Including the events of our time.

Rasputin's predictions come true! What will happen next? (3 photos)
The maid of honor of the Empress Anna Vyrubova (source Yandex Pictures)

Rasputin paid special attention to genetic experiments in his prophecies. He called it human alchemy. According to the elder, she will turn the ants into huge monsters, they will destroy houses and entire countries. Fire and water will be powerless. Flying frogs will appear. Butterflies will turn into kites. Frightened people will have no choice but to leave entire cities under the onslaught of huge mice that will destroy everything and infect the earth. As a result, man will become half-man, half-plant.

Should we expect an invasion of monsters that look like giant ants and mice? Or did the elder only want to indicate the degree of danger by the size of these creatures? And death will come in the form of viruses that originate in the bodies of animals?

In the words of the elder, one can easily recognize the signs of our time. He said that Sadhom and Gomorrah would return to earth. By this time, women will wear men’s clothes, and men will wear women’s. The white death will come. Another picture revealed to Rasputin – the seasons will change, and the rose will bloom in December, and snow will lie in June. Where there used to be snow, today olives are ripening. And vice versa, where olives used to grow, snow will fall. Everything is mixed up at this time.

But further on, an even darker picture appeared before Rasputin. For three days the sunlight will disappear, for thirteen days a mist of smoke and pain will envelop the earth. What is this? Consequences of the eruption of supervolcanoes? Or a nuclear apocalypse? Other visions of Rasputin speak of the radioactive contamination of the planet. He foresaw that the forests would turn into cemeteries. And people, stunned and poisoned by the poison of the rains, will wander in horror in this dead forest. Water, fruits and grains will bring death.

For decades, the opinion about Rasputin was formed on the basis of the memoirs of Felix Yusupov. The person who took part in the murder of the elder. In exile, the prince lived on royalties from the publication of a book in which he presents Grigory Rasputin as a libertine and villain. But Yusupov does not mention Oswald Reiner in his memoirs. Today it is already known that British intelligence was involved in the elimination of Grigory Rasputin. A deadly bullet was fired at the forehead of the old man from an English Webley pistol. These were carried by officers of the English service of MI6. Maybe the Siberian elder interfered with his accurate prophecies? And most importantly, the ability to influence the course of events. But his death prevented that.

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