Prophecies of the Orthodox Pelageya of Ryazan about the Antichrist and the future of Russia

In 1860, a girl was born in the Ryazan region, whom we all now know as Blessed Pelageya. She was blind from childhood, and at the age of three, the Lord revealed to her great secrets that have come down to our times.

In this article, we recall a small part of the predictions that Pelageya revealed to us.

“There will come a time when a large number of people will suffer from head cancer. This disease is from the devil. Many will leave because of diseases that will be sent as consequences for witchcraft and divination. The people, moving away from faith in Christ, will independently give themselves into the favor of Satan.

The great countries of the world will take up arms against the Russian people and will do everything to weaken and exterminate them.

People will experience great suffering when the servants of darkness begin to wage war on the believers, depriving them of work, food and social well-being. Only those who understand that this is a trap that God will not leave will survive.

Many will change their faith, go into false teachings.

And there will be a great famine, so it is necessary to stock up on linden inflorescences, as the Monk Seraphim escaped death by eating tea from linden leaves.

And the heat will come, and the water sources will dry up and parasites will multiply that will infect people.

The Russian people will be strangled by all means, many suicides will happen in the country, many will go into sects. People will begin to accept false teachings as truth, thereby moving away from God.

New temples will be opened, but there will be no sense in them.

Sorcery will cover all of Russia, people will begin to believe in fortune-telling and go to magicians.

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