Elder Nikolai Guryanov’s predictions about the future of Russia

For many years, the rector of the Zalita Monastery, located on the Pskov Lake, was Archpriest Nikolai Guryanov. People from all over our vast country came to him for wise advice and help, because he earned himself a good reputation for his deeds and predictions.

Facts from the life of an old man

Back in 1909, the son of Nikolai was born in the family of Mikhail Guryanov, the church regent. The father himself passed away in 1914, Nikolai’s three brothers died during the Civil War, and only the Lord granted longevity to his mother, she reposed in a bose in 1969 and all these years was a faithful assistant to her son Nikolai.

Already in his youth, the lad Nicholas showed himself to be a brave and honest Christian. Knowing the serious consequences of his act, he nevertheless publicly spoke out against the closure of one of the Orthodox churches. For this, he was expelled from the Pedagogical Institute.

Nicholas had to earn his living by private lessons, but he saw the service of the Lord as his main business.

For religious propaganda, the young man was exiled to a camp, where he received a serious leg injury and became disabled. Five years later, returning to Leningrad, he could not get a residence permit there and settled in the Tosnensky district.

Service in the Holy Churches of the Baltic States

Since, due to his disability, Nikolai was not called to the front, and his article did not allow him to work at military enterprises, he decided to devote himself completely to the Lord and thus help people.

In 1942, he was ordained a deacon, took a vow of celibacy (renounced marriage), and then, after completing theological courses, became a priest.

From 1943 to 1958, Father Nikolai served in an Orthodox church in the village of Gegobrosti, not far from Riga. His parishioners noted the rare sincerity, mercy and friendliness of their holy father.

For his parishioners, St. Nicholas was a model of a true Christian, since he, even without taking monastic orders, always led a restrained and ascetic life, faithfully fulfilling all the rules prescribed for Christians.

Famous predictions of the Monk Elder Nicholas

Throughout his life, Father Nikolai studied. After graduating from the seminary, he entered the Leningrad Theological Academy. In 1958, after completing his studies, he visited a certain elder, whose name is unknown to us, and this holy hermit named the place that the Lord appointed for his ministry to St. Nicholas.

Thus, the Reverend Father Nikolai ended up on the Pskov Lake on the island of Talabsk, where he served non-stop for forty years.

Since in those terrible years the church was excommunicated from the state and had no funds, the priest himself had to take care of the restoration of a dilapidated church, conduct divine services himself, bake prosphora himself, cover the roof himself and paint the walls himself.

In the 60s, the persecution of the church intensified so much that a representative of the GPU arrived on the island with the aim of arresting the holy father.

Father Nikolai spent the whole night in prayer, and in the morning such a strong storm broke out that the island was cut off from the mainland for three days. After the storm subsided, the authorities forgot about the disgraced priest and never disturbed him again.

The fame of the wisdom of Father Nicholas spread widely throughout the country. Meeting complete strangers, he spoke to them like a wise and kind father and mentor, he knew about their sufferings and sins, which he could not know about.

His prayers for healing were heard by the Lord, and he restored health to many people, even in cases where official medicine was powerless.

The future of Russia through the eyes of Elder Nikolai

Questions about the future of Russia have always agitated the minds of parishioners. Elder Nikolai said in the late 90s that B. Yeltsin would be replaced by a strong ruler, confident and strong-willed, wearing a military rank.

The elder also spoke about the fact that there would be a dark time, when the church would be persecuted, and the authorities would become cruel to their people.

Then there was a prediction about the appearance of the Orthodox Tsar, which will be in the near future and many who are still alive will live to this day.

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