All predictions about Russia in the period 2016 – 2020

Predictions about Russia for 2016-2020 say that this time period promises to be very eventful, which will bring important changes for Russia. 2014 – Russia has acquired a strong patron, which is the Sun. Spring 2014 was the time when Mars and Saturn met. Such a meeting does not bring anything good, it contributes to an increase in the number of aggressive situations, increases the general degree of tension, which is why military conflicts occur, accompanied by large-scale disasters. The influence of Mars makes its own adjustments, leading to such a scenario for solving the problem, which, as a rule, is not typical in other situations.

Difficult five-year period

The first two years of the five-year plan will be distinguished by rather complicated solutions to foreign policy problems. Russia will be criticized by the European Union, the United States and will lose many of its traditional allies. But trials will only temper the spirit and strengthen Russia’s influence in the world. Of course, many do not like this development of events. The patronage of the Sun will help overcome difficulties and put everyone before the fact of the emergence of a completely new world order.

Consolidation of Russia’s leading positions on the political stage

2016 – Doubts about Russia’s leading role in world politics will be dispelled. For the next four years, Russia will move towards its goal, in 2020 the goal will be achieved. Unfortunately, this time cannot be called easy for Russian citizens, which became especially noticeable in the second half of 2015 and will manifest itself again in 2019.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance for Russia of the next five-year plan. Of course, there is no escape from the difficult situations that will haunt the Russian Federation. But representatives of Vedic astrology insist that Jupiter and the Moon protect Russia. Until 2020, these planets have chosen their second home as their habitat. Therefore, Russia will not be without the support and assistance it needs.

The aggressive influence of the moon

The influence of the Moon on living organisms living on the planet is remarkable for its ability to increase the psycho-emotional background. If the occupation of the Sun in the sixth house is added to this, people begin to experience a feeling of anxiety, panic attacks, and aggression.

Mars and Mercury, located in the fifth house, patronize those who are connected with business, forcing them to act under the influence of emotions. At the same time, the generation of balanced decisions and the manifestation of diplomacy are not observed. This state of affairs will contribute to the success of the producers, managers, bankers and high-tech information industry.

The growth of the Russian economy is expected from 2016 to 2020

Most astrologers express an opinion about the year 2016 as bringing favorable circumstances for the economic development of the country. It should be noted that this situation follows a scenario that obeys a certain algorithm. There is also a strong possibility of economic downturns in 2018, 2019 and 2028. It is advisable to prepare for such a turn of events in advance and know that for the economy this is a kind of test of strength and stress resistance.

What awaits the world in the near future?

The US and the European Union, continuing to ignore many of their own problems, will try to impose their will on Russia without worrying about the absolute destructiveness of such an approach. At the same time, Europe will face massive clashes between Islamists and neo-Nazis, and America will be overwhelmed by an abundance of clashes between African Americans and the police.

2020 will be the year when the Russian Federation, Transnistria, Belarus, Novorossia, Abkhazia will create the Union and introduce a single currency. The Russian language will receive the status of the second state language in all these countries. In addition to a single economic space and one border, everyone will have dual citizenship.

Predictions about Russia for 2016-2020

Michel Nostradamus

Judging by the predictions of Nostradamus, after Russia survives the repressions of the 1990s, the country will rise and become the center of world culture and civilization. All political and social reforms in Russia will be completed by 2025, but only if Russia overcomes the maturing, so far only latent conflict with China, which lies in the views and ideas on public administration reforms.

In Russia, it will come: “what will be has never been so beautiful … the second age of Saturn is the Golden Age. The Creator will see the torment of his people, and peace will be concluded between God and people. Ahead of the beginning of a new era. Before that, there will be big troubles, but after that, Justice and Goodness will reign on Earth.

Michel Nostradamus speaks of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, under the sign of which Russia is located, about which the biblical books say “The Kingdom of God on Earth.” The prophet gives the key: the prerequisites for the onset of the Golden Age, which will ripen exactly 33 years – the time between the Birth of Christ and the Resurrection. The prerequisites for the Golden Age emerged in Russia at the turn of 2002 and 2003. They will ripen exactly 33 years – (the age of Christ), and finally the Golden Age in Russia will come in 2035.

Vanga’s prediction

“Russia more than other countries is suitable for the germ of Tomorrow. For it keeps the root of the Indo-European – the most resilient and progressive of the civilizations of the Earth. For it is spiritual, and therefore predisposed to the attention of the Information Field. For she, the Orthodox, has not lost her living kinship with Salvation – which emerged from the swaddling clothes during the outgoing coil, but will truly rule the world during the upcoming coil … Russia will be saved – the peoples of the Earth will be saved with her. There is no force that could break Russia. It will develop, grow and get stronger.”

Archbishop Theophan of Poltava

1930 – Archbishop Theophan of Poltava combined the prophecies that he received from the elders.

“The coming of the Antichrist is approaching, and it is very close. The time separating from it must be considered years and, at most, several decades. But before the coming of the Antichrist, Russia will still be restored, of course, for a short time. And in Russia there must be a Tsar, pre-elected by the Lord Himself. He will be a man of fiery faith, great mind and iron will. So it’s open about him. Let’s wait for the execution of the open. Judging by many signs, it is approaching, unless, due to our sins, the Lord God cancels and changes the promise.

“Oh, Russia, Russia! .. How terribly she sinned before the goodness of the Lord. Lord. God was pleased to give Russia what he has not given to any people on earth. And this people turned out to be so ungrateful. He left Him, denied Him, and therefore the Lord handed him over to demons for torment. Demons have entered the souls of people and the people of Russia have become possessed, literally demon-possessed. And all that we hear terrible about what has been and is being done in Russia: about all the blasphemy, about militant atheism and theomachism – all this comes from the possession of demons. But this obsession will pass by the inexpressible mercy of God, the people will be healed. The people will turn to repentance, to faith. Something that no one expects will happen. Russia will rise from the dead and the whole world will be surprised. Orthodoxy will be reborn and triumph in it. But the Orthodoxy that was before will no longer be. The great elders said that Russia will be reborn, the people themselves will restore the Orthodox Monarchy. God Himself will put a strong King on the Throne. He will be a great reformer and will have a strong Orthodox faith. He will overthrow the unfaithful hierarchs of the Church, he himself will be an outstanding personality, with a pure, holy soul. He will have a strong will. He will come from the Romanov Dynasty on his mother’s side. He will be God’s chosen one, obedient to Him in everything. He will transform Siberia. But this Russia will not last long. Soon there will be what the Apostle John speaks of in the Apocalypse. He will come from the Romanov Dynasty on his mother’s side. He will be God’s chosen one, obedient to Him in everything. He will transform Siberia. But this Russia will not last long. Soon there will be what the Apostle John speaks of in the Apocalypse. He will come from the Romanov Dynasty on his mother’s side. He will be God’s chosen one, obedient to Him in everything. He will transform Siberia. But this Russia will not last long. Soon there will be what the Apostle John speaks of in the Apocalypse.

Paracelsus about Russia

“There is one people that Herodotus called Hyperboreans – the progenitors of all peoples and all earthly civilizations – Aryans, which means “noble”. The current name of the original land of this ancient people is Muscovy. Hyperborea in their turbulent future history will know a lot – both a terrible decline with a great variety of all kinds of disasters and a powerful great flourishing with a great number of all kinds of blessings, which will come already at the beginning of the XXI century, i.e. before 2040.”

“In that very country of the Hyperboreans, which no one ever thought of as a country in which something great could happen, a great cross will shine over the humiliated and outcast. This must happen 500 years after the death of Paracelsus.”

The prediction was made for 2041. That is, this prophecy of Paracelsus will have to come true in the first half of the 21st century.

“The East will rise up against the West, and hundreds of fiery arrows will be released in the East. They will fall and a pillar of fire will rise. It will burn everything in its path.”

Researchers of ancient texts say that Paracelsus said that a third world war would begin between the countries of the West and the East, and missiles with nuclear warheads would be used in it. It is them that the prophet calls fiery arrows. Here is what Paracelsus himself writes about this:

“People will be covered with deep sores and scabs. Their souls will rise up. 3rd part will die.

Alice Anna Bailey about Russia

“On a global scale, the Russian people are a student – they are learning a new consciousness, an inner understanding of life. When Russia completes its internal training, it will outperform other countries. She will transmit esoteric achievements to other peoples in a new way, without the imposition and violence of the old age, mainly by the example of (her) life. But Russia is not (yet) ripe to say a great word. Spiritually, she is still too young to fulfill the Great Mission. Adult, old nations are little capable of manifesting themselves in the life of the new century, since their crystallization in the old does not make it possible to perceive the new. Russia, by a series of unprecedented upheavals, has been brought into the state of a kind of new nation, which needs to re-create its worldview, way of life, customs and the image of relations with other nations … Russia is growing rapidly and will soon show that can give the world a lot… What Revelation will Russia give to the world? Its key word is Brotherhood. This great nation, which is the synthesis of East and West, must learn to govern without cruelty, without suppressing the Free Will of the individual. Russia of the future will reveal all the good features of spirituality – and then the world, without any imposition on its part, will learn from its example.

Prophecies of Archimandrite Seraphim (Tyapochkin)

“During the memorable conversation, a young woman from a Siberian city was present. The elder said to her: “You will accept martyrdom at the hands of the Chinese in the stadium of your city, where they will drive the Christian inhabitants and those who disagree with their rule.” This was his answer to her doubts about the elder’s words that practically all of Siberia would be captured by the Chinese.

The elder said what was revealed to him about the future of Russia, he did not name dates, he only emphasized that the time for the accomplishment of what was said is in the hands of God, and much depends on how the spiritual life of the Russian Church will develop, how strong faith in God will be among Russians people, what will be the prayer feat of believers.

St. Right. John of Kronstadt:

I foresee the resurrection of a powerful Russia, even stronger and more powerful. On the bones of the Martyrs, as on a strong foundation, a new Russia will be erected – according to the old model; strong in her Faith in Christ God and in the Holy Trinity! And it will be according to the testament of the Holy Prince Vladimir – as a single Church! The Russian people have ceased to understand what Russia is: it is the foot of the Throne of the Lord! A Russian person should understand this and thank God for being Russian!

Prediction of Seraphim Vyritsky

When the East gains strength, everything will become unsustainable. The number is on their side, but not only that: they have sober and hardworking people, and we have such drunkenness … The time will come when Russia will be torn apart. First they will divide it, and then they will begin to rob wealth. The West will contribute in every possible way to the destruction of Russia and will give up its eastern part to China before the time comes. The Far East will be taken over by the Japanese, and Siberia by the Chinese, who will begin to move to Russia, marry Russians, and, in the end, by cunning and deceit, will take the territory of Siberia to the Urals. When China wants to go further, the West will oppose and will not allow it. Russia will remain within the limits that it was in the time of Ivan the Terrible.


Major cataclysms, according to Juna’s visions, are not expected in the near future, although individual adverse events are possible. Despite the difficult economic situation, Russia still remains a country protected by God, and in the future will be among the world’s leading countries. Juna called on people to return to the original values ​​of life, moving away from thoughts of excesses and luxury. Only then can positive developments be expected.

Pavel Globa

According to the forecasts of the famous astrologer Pavel Globa, because of the economic crisis, hard times will come around the world. Oddly enough, Russia will not only not lose the ability to influence the situation, but will become much stronger. In the future, Russia, China, America will become the main players on the world stage. Thanks to the build-up of state power and the creation of the Eurasian Union, to which new states will join in 2016 (Gagauzia, Transnistria), Russia will become even more respected. For the European Union, Globa predicts a threat to its integrity, and the Baltic states may want to have allied relations with the Russian Federation.

Dalai Lama

Considering Aquarius the patron of Russia, he assigns the Russian Federation a key role in the further development of the entire world civilization and focuses primarily on the revival of spiritual values, and only then on technological and economic influence. A new one will become a derivative of the old religion, and calls for equality, justice and freedom will no longer be just beautiful words.
As a result of all the changes, an era will come when a wise man chosen to carry out a great mission by divine forces will become the ruler of Russia. However, his name is still unknown. Russia, guided by God’s Chosen One, will be drawn to ancient wisdom, the monk Abel was sure.

Clairvoyant Jean Dixon

Gene Dixon: The natural disasters of the early 21st century and all the global disasters they caused will affect Russia least of all, and they will affect Russian Siberia even less. Russia will have the opportunity for rapid and powerful development. The hopes of the World and its revival will come precisely from Russia.

Predictions of the Italian seer Mavis

Russia has a very interesting future, which absolutely no one in the world expects from Russia. It is the Russians who will initiate the rebirth of the entire World. And no one imagines how deep these changes will be in the whole wide world, caused precisely by Russia. In Russia, even the deepest province will come to life, a lot of new cities will appear and grow on the very periphery … Russia will reach such a uniquely high level of development that not even the most developed state in the world will have now and even by that time … Then after Russia all other countries will also follow… The former current Western path of development of earthly civilization will very soon replace the new one, and namely the Russian path.

Prediction of the monk Ragno Nero. 14th century

Rano Nero – Black Spider: “In the Northern Country of Hyperboreans — in Russia, a new universal religion of Fire and Light will appear … The religion of the Sun (Fire and Light) in the 21st century will know a victorious procession, and it will find support for itself in the northern Country of Hyperboreans, where it will be revealed in his new capacity.

Astrologer and clairvoyant Yuri Ovidin

“Russia will become the birthplace of a completely new religion… There is already a Representative of the Universe on earth, he will create a religion of the future based on the idea of ​​spiritual purity…

Edgar Cayce

Predictions of Edgar Cayce: “The mission of the Slavic peoples is to change the essence of human relationships, to free them from selfishness and gross material passions, to restore them on a new basis – on love, trust and wisdom. Hope will come from Russia into the world – not from the Communists, not from the Bolsheviks, but from a free Russia! Years will pass before this happens, but it is the religious development of Russia that will give the world hope.”

Grigory Rasputin

Grigory Rasputin – predictions: … When the time for purification comes, many spirits will return to earth and take on the forms that they already had in the past. In many strong “Tsarskoye Selo” resurrected will live, whom only trusted will be able to hear. Miracles will happen here. The Great Bishop will come to “Petersburg”, and the bells of all churches will greet Him and announce peace.

Then in “Petersburg” three kings will meet, and the only barn will saturate Europe. In sunset times, you will see miracles and suffering. But you will also see the realm of shadows in human form. Do not take your eyes off the East (Russia), for new prophets will come from there. They will prepare the way for the Lord, who will also come in splendor from the East…

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