Russians will be supplanted by the American race – Max Handel’s forecast

The world-famous Max Gödel said with confidence that “the Russian people are a long-suffering nation that will finally find its happiness and prosperity .” Is everything in this prophecy so smooth? Let’s find out the truth of these words.

The future of the Russian state does not allow many famous minds of mankind to sleep peacefully. The most interesting even for those who have never even come to our country. One of these was at one time, the American Mac Handel (years of life 1865-1919).

Why is Max Handel famous?

To begin with, this is his pseudonym, in fact his name is Karl Ludwig von Grashof.

  • He was the founder of the Rosicrucian brotherhood;
  • He wrote the book “The Cosmo-Concept of the Rosicrucians, or Mystical Christianity”. It was this book that was considered a textbook on Christian metaphysics.
  • He also wrote two other famous books: Esoteric Principles of Health and Healing and Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine.

He taught the people esoteric Christianity, as he assumed that in the near future all nations would unite in one huge brotherhood.

Max Handel’s Predictions

In his book about the Rosicrucians, the author plunged into the origins of the universe. In this edition one can find a clear description of how man has evolved, as well as his composition and development.

This book also contains several predictions.

The author said that when our era ends, the Highest Initiate will descend to people. He will come with a mission to unite all the peoples of the world. This will initiate a new race. After that, a new era in the development of mankind will come.

About the fate of the Russians

The prediction about which I wrote above is interpreted by many in different ways, but everyone agrees that a new race will come out of the Slavs. But again, not everything is so simple.

What exactly does the prophecy say? ” Russians and Slavs as a whole will reach the highest point of spiritual development, which will open the way for them further .” But then the author writes that the great and joyful world will not last long.

It is the Slavic race that will serve as the beginning of the formation of the last seventh race of the Aryan era, and it will be the last, and also close the 5th era.

When the 6th era begins, this race will be replaced by a nation that will come out of the USA.

As a result, we can conclude that the prediction about the mighty Russian people is nothing more than a snatched phrase from the text, which conveys the prophecy of a short period of time, and which as a whole does not give a general picture of the future.

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