Predictions of Johann of Jerusalem about the future of mankind.

In the field of vision of journalists there are always predictions of clairvoyants and oracles, which, although not always true, nevertheless excite human consciousness. And after all, journalists do not just try, because they perfectly understand how this topic excites people who want to see the future at least with one eye, to find out what awaits them, good or bad. Agree, each of us at least once, but wanted to lift the veil, behind which there is probably a lot of new and interesting things.

Johann from Jerusalem is known not only by clairvoyants, soothsayers, magicians, sorcerers, fortune-tellers, shamans and other seers. Scientists are also well acquainted with the works of this man. They are not only extraordinary, like the author himself, but also of historical value to the whole world. Of course, predictive value also has a place to be, but this is a slightly different question.

Many believe that Johann of Jerusalem received his gift of prophecy from the Creator himself, that is, they cover a large period of time, from that era to the present day. Thus, we have the opportunity to learn not only about those events that the seer predicted in his time, but also about those that await us in the near future.

The Jerusalem prophet predicted the discovery of America, the totalitarian regimes in many countries of the world in the 20th century, as well as terrorism and wars of our time. He said that humanity would begin to explore the seas and oceans, the sky and space, as well as other natural trophies. The seer also mentions AIDS – the plague of the 20th century, the mass trade in human organs today. Various achievements and technical progress will have a detrimental effect on nature, which will lead to its death and, accordingly, terrible consequences for humans. But the most terrible consequences of the prophet attributed cloning, especially gaining momentum in the modern world, and other genetic experiments dangerous to human life.

Predictions of Johann of Jerusalem about the future of mankind.

As Johann and many other seers believed, the old era of the world will end with bloody wars that destroy everything in their path, and at that time the power of barbarians and villains will reign on Earth. After that, people will acquire a new look, becoming demigods, they will change their spiritual world and will live according to other laws. They will know neither sickness nor vices. In other words, Paradise will come on Earth, and the demigods themselves will fly, have telepathic abilities, and also the ability to move in space. They will keep in memory all the events that have passed over many centuries, both good and bad, and to the smallest detail.

The seer died at the age of 77 and Jerusalem became his last place of residence. It was in this city that he completed his prophetic treatise. It is known that he rewrote his works several times. It is also known that half of the manuscripts were handed over to the master of the Knights Templar, to which he belonged. Johann intended to give the other half to other modern sages and soothsayers. According to scientists who have studied in detail the further history of manuscripts, Nostradamus knew this source and constantly used it.

Most Internet users stubbornly believe that they will not live to see these times. That is why I am interested in the opinion of my readers, but is it worth worrying, because our age on Earth is so short, and we may not be able to do much? Do you think our generation will find new times? Share your opinion in the comments.

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