Juna’s predictions for Russia for 2020

Evgenia Davitashvili is known under the pseudonym Juna. She was a famous healer and fortune teller of the present, she managed to help many people. All her predictions were accurate and detailed. Until now, she is remembered not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world. After all, her predictions applied to all countries.

Zhenya was born in the Kuban in 1949 and was educated at a medical college. Even during her studies, she began to gain fame, as she had a strong gift as a healer. Over time, not only ordinary people, but also politicians and famous cultural figures learned.

Predictions for 2020

One of the most important predictions says that until 2025 there will be no new world war. To be more precise, Russia will not participate in any military conflicts. Tensions between other countries will also subside. However, the soothsayer did not rule out the possibility of local conflicts.

Juna predicted tensions within the country for Russia. This will be connected with a decrease in the authority of the country in the international arena and an increase in social tension. In order for the country to begin to flourish again, according to the psychic, it is necessary to revive the veneration of the cultural values ​​of Russia, to return to the ideals of the past.

At the end of her life, Juna made another prediction. It says that Russia will experience difficult times for 5 years from 2015. Then the people will unite and become one. It was then that a period of prosperity would come, and the material situation of the population would improve.

The prophetess also believed that only a single goal that would unite the people would help achieve serious changes in the life of the country.

Whether these prophecies will come true or not, only time will tell. But already now everyone should think about the fact that people themselves are the builders not only of their lives, but also of the country.

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