Predictions about the future of Russia and Ukraine from the shaman Kolya

Today we will talk about the white shaman Kolya. A person born with such a gift appears on earth 1 time in 300 years. They do not conjure and do not cause any harm to anyone. For example, if a person with impure intentions comes to such a shaman, then what he wants to do against someone will come to him with double force.

Shaman Kolya was born in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, in the family of a shaman (his grandfather was him). And he lived for the time being like all people. But the time has come when Kolya began to show hereditary abilities. He began to treat seriously ill people, fulfill wishes, and what is most surprising, one fine day, he began to give predictions about the future. All of the above combined made the shaman Kolya (his real name Nikolay Taleev) a popular personality.

When his popularity became very significant, he went to Moscow at the invitation, then to St. Petersburg, where he was engaged in healing. Celebrities, politicians and very rich people even came to him. No one knows exactly how many clients come to the healer, but one thing can be said a lot. And most importantly, he does not take a penny for help.

As I said above, shaman Kolya can predict the future.

What did he predict?

  • Five years ago, the shaman predicted that hostilities in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions would continue for about another 7 years.
  • The consequences of the war will have a bad effect on Ukraine and its inhabitants.
  • In 2060, Ukraine will be able to fully recover, it will not be the same country and not the same inhabitants as before.
  • Russia will slowly emerge from the crisis.
  • The troubles of our country are due to disrespect for natural resources and mismanagement of natural resources.
  • In 2515 there will be a world catastrophe and the earth will be consumed by fire. But by that time, Russia will be the savior of all peoples and a place where it will be possible to hide from troubles and misfortunes.

These are, I think, very significant predictions made by the shaman Kolya. Yes, he is not as famous and promoted as many modern clairvoyants, but those who know him say that this person works miracles.

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