Prediction of the war in Russia in 2019: Vanga, Globa and the elders (3 photos)

The lack of stability in the global economy and political confusion promise dire consequences. The further, the more relevant the theme of the war in Russia is being exaggerated. The latest news from Syria, Ukraine and other “hot spots”, according to experts, brings the world closer to the Third World War. What should ordinary citizens prepare for in 2019? Maybe it’s time to listen to the prophecies that Vanga left behind? No less relevant are the forecasts of Pavel Globa and his fellow astrologers, and the predictions of the elders and psychics more than once lifted the veil over the future in the old days. You can believe in all this or not, but the desire to understand the situation has not hurt anyone yet.

World on the edge

In an attempt to lift the veil over the future, using sacred knowledge, one should not write off the calculations of professionals. Mystification is alien to military experts, historians, specialists in the field of economics and politics. Their destiny is facts, statistics and analytics. Annual reports not only cover the current moments, but also allow you to predict the future.

By the beginning of 2019, the opinion “ripened” in these circles that the intensity of passions around the world would not slow down and would develop according to three possible scenarios:

  1. The confrontation between Russia and Europe will result in an armed conflict on the territory of one former Soviet republic
  2. Iran and Israel start World War III
  3. Nuclear attack will happen through the efforts of terrorist hackers

Most of the “trumps” are on the side of the first option. The balance of power has long been disturbed, and neither side will tolerate hesitation that could further shake the parity. Each version has the right to exist, but otherwise it remains only to guess when it will “flare up” and where. Only the question “Why?” is excluded. The era of the bipolar world is coming to an end, and the latest news is entirely dependent on the wisdom and endurance of the leaders of states. Only the prophets can predict the decisions and actions of governments, so those who seek to figure out whether there will be a war in 2019, it’s time to turn to their sacred heritage.

What did Vanga foresee?

Prediction of the war in Russia in 2019: Vanga, Globa and the elders (3 photos)

The role of the Russian Federation in shaping the current model of the world is difficult to underestimate, but the further into the forest, the more it smells of war. Do the Russians want this development? Hardly, like all other peoples. To reduce the intensity of passions, the ancestors often resorted to the advice of unusual people who have access to the future. The habit of listening to the predictions of elders, shamans and oracles is unusual for a modern person. However, their abilities are a good opportunity to find answers to burning questions.

The Great Vanga is a big name in the territory of the post-Soviet space and far beyond its borders. The opinion of the Bulgarian clairvoyant was listened to and appreciated. The veracity and accuracy of her predictions are amazing, and most of them just concern Russia and the current century:

  • after 2019 the country will become one of the most influential in the world;
  • an alliance of Slavic states will be formed;
  • there will be a new leader who will strengthen the successes of Russia

These are far from all excerpts from the prophecies, but even they are quite enough for optimism to triumph. Vangelia has repeatedly mentioned that the collapse of the old system is coming, including due to the rebellion of the planet itself. The Earth is tired and will in every possible way signal this to people with earthquakes and other cataclysms. There is little positive in this state of affairs, but the old woman argued that it was catastrophes and crises that would force humanity to unite and pave the way to prosperity, and the year of the Yellow Pig would become a turning point in this aspiration, excluding wars, terrorism and other manifestations of aggression.

Latest news from Pavel Globa

Prediction of the war in Russia in 2019: Vanga, Globa and the elders (3 photos)

This astrologer has repeatedly confirmed the reputation of a real pro, so you should listen to his opinion. The most recent forecasts of the star expert, in which 2019 appears, exclude pessimistic moods for the inhabitants of Russia. Globa is sure that the war will no longer affect the territories of the Russian Federation, as the state will enter its heyday:

  • positive shifts in the economy;
  • rise in science and medicine;
  • rapid space exploration;
  • access to the leading positions of high technologies

The development of the industrial sector in the near future stimulates a sharp increase in living standards. A successful policy will attract former and new allies to the state. A powerful economic association will emerge, attractive against the backdrop of a declining US and a collapsing EU. Similar opinions exist among famous psychics. Particularly noteworthy are the hints of the arrival after 2019 of the “Great Potter” – the ruler of Russia, with whom there will certainly be no war. He will be able to resolve pressing conflicts and convince neighbors to move forward together.

It is not possible to present all the prophecies in one bottle. However, a start has been made and curiosity should triumph, and the almighty Internet and the hope that the Year of the Pig and the calendar periods following it will surely dispel fears of the future will help in this.

Predictions of the elders about Russia

Archbishop Theophan of Poltava In Russia there must be a Tsar chosen by the Lord Himself. He will be a man of fiery faith, great mind and iron will. So it’s open about him. Let’s wait for the execution of the open. Judging by many signs, it is approaching, unless, due to our sins, the Lord God cancels and changes the promise.
Archimandrite Seraphim Everything is in the hands of God, and much depends on how the spiritual life of the Russian Church develops, how strong faith in God will be among the Russian people, and what will be the prayer feat of believers.
St. John of Kronstadt I foresee the resurrection of a powerful Russia, even stronger and more powerful. On the bones of the Martyrs, as on a strong foundation, a new Russia will be erected – according to the old model; strong in her Faith in Christ God and in the Holy Trinity! And it will be according to the testament of the Holy Prince Vladimir – as a single Church! The Russian people have ceased to understand what Russia is: it is the foot of the Throne of the Lord! A Russian person should understand this and thank God for being Russian!
Seraphim Vyritsky When the East gains strength, everything will become unsustainable. The number is on their side, but not only that: they have sober and hardworking people, and we have such drunkenness … The time will come when Russia will be torn apart. First they will divide it, and then they will begin to rob wealth. The West will contribute in every possible way to the destruction of Russia and will give up its eastern part to China before the time comes. The Far East will be taken over by the Japanese, and Siberia by the Chinese, who will begin to move to Russia, marry Russians, and, in the end, by cunning and deceit, will take the territory of Siberia to the Urals. When China wants to go further, the West will oppose and will not allow it. Russia will remain within the limits that it was in the time of Ivan the Terrible.
Grigory Rasputin In “Petersburg” three kings will meet, and the only barn will saturate Europe. In sunset times, you will see miracles and suffering. But you will also see the realm of shadows in human form. Do not take your eyes off the East (Russia), for new prophets will come from there. They will prepare the way for the Lord, who will also come in splendor from the East…
Iona Odessa In one country smaller than Russia, there will be very serious sentiments. It will last two years and end with a big war. And then there will be a Russian Tsar”

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