Prophecy about the revival of the USSR by 2020

It turned out that, according to the Vedic prophecy, Russia will again become the USSR, and this awaits us not in 20-50 years, but by 2020 (2030 – Roman Cyril) year. By now, everything that Hare Krishna Das predicted has already come true. Therefore, the news about the return to the USSR should not be questioned.

Of course, these words should not be taken literally, the essence lies deeper. Democratic rule, that’s what Russia will come to.

More specifically, we are predicted by 2020 (2030 – Roman Cyril) a prosperous state that has already coped with all the difficulties.

A new era will begin, which is already called the “Golden Age”. In fact, according to the predictions of Haare Krishna, a good life should begin throughout the earth, but the beginning will be in Russia.

According to the prediction, time will turn its course, but not in the opposite direction, but up.

Prophecy about the revival of the USSR by 2020

The gradual approach to the coup, difficulties and trials, people have been experiencing for more than a decade, namely since 2004. The first changes should concern climate change on our planet.

The crisis that we are really seeing was also predicted by the prophet, and the time of its peak was indicated – from 2014 to 2017, it remains only to wait for it to end, according to the prophecies, in another 5-6 years.

You don’t have to be afraid of change. There will be no major disasters. The people will be able to go through and endure all the difficulties, gradually changing and getting used to the new time. Russia will come to rule democratically.

The age of spiritual Vedic civilization will come.

Prophecy about the revival of the USSR by 2020

Back in April 2005, wars were predicted, that wars would take place everywhere, brutal, open and closed, using a variety of the latest weapons.

It was said that there would be no war on the territory of the Russian Federation. But at the same time, not an easy time, trials and a serious spiritual test were predicted for the Russian people.

Through such peculiar sufferings people will come to the beginning of a new time. And until 2020, if there are truces, then you should not believe this, this is just a temporary lull, because real peacetime will gradually begin only after the above date.

Here is another confirmation of the words of the Vedic prophet, at the moment we are witnessing the active emergence and strengthening of various cryptocurrencies, as well as the systematic decline of the dollar. And the predictor promised that we would no longer need the dollar at all.

The soothsayer also gave advice to get closer to the East and not be equal to the West. There will be nothing interesting for us in the West, and unity with the East will bring the good results we need.

Actually, more than 13 years have passed since this prediction. And we can really see that everything that the sage said happened and is happening before our eyes. It remains only to worthily wait out the rest of the time, before approaching the “Golden Age”.

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