Vanga’s prediction about the contact of mankind with aliens

Vanga always spoke about any global events with caution and restraint. She did not name any specific figures or dates. So in 1988, the Bulgarian clairvoyant spoke rather vaguely about a possible meeting of mankind with an extraterrestrial civilization. She did not say anything concrete then, but nevertheless the journalists managed to establish some facts.

The clairvoyant, of course, believed in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and in 1979 stated that the meeting with aliens would take place relatively soon – in just 200 years. These aliens will come to us from the planet Vamphim. This prophecy concerned, so to speak, the mass, global acquaintance of the human race with the race of aliens, but Vanga herself, according to her, had long been in contact with guests from the mysterious Vamphim. She said she had already talked to them.

Vanga believed that intelligent life on Earth was brought from outer space. As proof, she cited her stories about how she traveled and walked with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations not only on our planet, but also on the very Vamphim, which, according to the clairvoyant, is the third planet from Earth, which means that it is not so long away. She often shared her stories about being on Vamphim, where strange creatures live, jumping, who were very friendly with her and showed their planet.

The Bulgarian clairvoyant loved to talk about extraterrestrial intelligence, guests from distant stars and planets.

If you make some mathematical and astronomical calculations, you can approximately find out the date of the arrival of guests from Vamphim to Earth – 2179.

As for later times, Vanga no longer used such accuracy. According to her, by the year 7000, a terrible catastrophe awaits our planet, associated with a collision with a comet, or a meteorite, or another celestial body, which will lead to terrible changes.

Vamphim, on the other hand, seems to be a planet that is constantly in motion and wandering and does not have its own orbit. This is the only explanation for the fact that, according to Vanga, this is the third planet from the Earth. There is currently no other planet between Jupiter and Mars.

According to scientists, we can talk about a planet that has a “circulation period” of about 3600 years, and it is in two hundred years that its route will pass through the solar system between Jupiter and Mars.

Vanga's prediction about the contact of mankind with aliens

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