Mysterious predictions of V. Nemchin about the future of Russia and the world

In my opinion, Vasily Nemchin was a very mysterious person in the Middle Ages. And surprisingly, what he said has already come true. Scholars who are familiar with the seer’s manuscripts say that the prophecies are made very plausibly and accurately. Some compare him to the great Nostradamus.

V. Nemchin’s predictions

  • Gonchar will make Russia a great country. Here we mean exactly the type of activity of the future ruler of our country. As they say, let’s wait and see.
  • Something is going to happen in the Promethney Mountains. This was once the name of the Caucasus Mountains. In our time, it was there that a lot of military conflicts arose. Perhaps in the near future there will be another outbreak.
  • Kamchatka will be ruled by a tyrant and will be independent. It is unlikely that Kamchatka will secede from the Russian Federation, it refers specifically to a bad ruler.
  • Stones will fall on our planet, and the desert, which defiles the sky, will suffer greatly . Presumably, this refers to meteorites, which scientists are watching very closely today. Perhaps a large celestial body will fall to the ground (Arabian Desert) and cause tremendous damage to the planet.
  • Closer to 2024, the end of the world will begin . The climate on the planet is changing very quickly, in some areas of the globe incredible climatic incidents occur. Perhaps by this year, the situation will harden, and nature will begin to destroy humanity.
  • Carthage will be destroyed, but then restored. Perhaps this prophecy refers to the countries of the East. since it is there that conceived military disassembly occurs.
  • The Far East will become a separate state. Perhaps this prediction refers to the interaction of two countries, Russia and China.
  • 3 branches will unite and a new tree will be born. Most likely Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will unite and form a new state. Either this message is talking about the fusion of the three world religions.
  • England will go under the water, and the Crimea will become an island. Many scientists are inclined to believe that England will sink, but this will happen. Unless partly it can be due to warming on the earth. Yes, and Crimea is unlikely to become an island.

These are the predictions made by Vasily Nemchin about the future of our planet.

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