What did the mysterious Vasily Nemchin predict for Russia?

The Far East and Kamchatka will become separate states. Russia will be ruled by the Great Potter. There will be a 15-year war in the Caucasus. Read about these and other events in this article.

Vasily Nemchin is one of the most mysterious medieval soothsayers. Many of his predictions have already come true. Researchers involved in this issue believe that Nemchin’s predictions are more accurate and understandable than those of Nostradamus, although they are also made in allegorical language. Nevertheless, we tried to understand some of them and will give our own and others’ transcripts. We also welcome your comments.

1. Stones will fall on the Earth. One desert (steppe) will suffer especially, as it “defiled the sky for a long time.”

Apparently, we are talking about meteorites, the activity of which increased in 2015-2018, and it must be assumed that the fall of another one in the area of ​​​​the Arabian desert is inevitable. Few people know that the main pagan symbol of the Arab tribes of the pre-Islamic era is just the crescent, dedicated to the anthropoid god of the moon Hubal. And it flaunts above all the buildings in Mecca, with horns up, surprisingly resembling the horns of Satan. The most likely place, and the most likely version of the desecration of the Almighty, is with a pagan symbol.

2. In 2024, a small apocalypse will happen.

It is already clear that the climate has moved into an unstable stage of sharp continental changes in unexpected places on the planet. Phenomena may well intensify by the specified date, and major disasters will definitely not be avoided.

3. There will be a war “in the Prometney mountains” (as the Caucasus was called).

The Caucasian small-town conflicts from the beginning of the 90s, indeed, developed into international conflicts with the participation of foreign combatants, and actually ended 15 years later, at the beginning of the 2000s.

4. There will be a Third Tauride War. A crescent moon will appear in Crimea and “torn Taurida will bleed.”

Crimea has always been a place of fierce battles between the Islamists (after the Ottoman conquest) and other local peoples and neighbors. Of course, one should not expect a particularly sharp confrontation now – apparently, it was about the events of bygone eras relative to our time. Although some modern predictors predict that Turkey may claim Crimea in the future.

5. “Carthage will be destroyed, which will be resurrected, and the prince of Carthage will be the third pillar of the unification of the armies of the Crescent.”

Again we are talking about the eastern countries, where wars will rage for more than a dozen years. There are now too many prerequisites for the emergence of conflicts of a political and confessional nature in the space from Iran to India.

6. The great Potter will come to power, who will rule for a long time and successfully. Russia will flourish in his reign.

Someone interprets this prediction in favor of V.V. Putin, but it is unlikely that he is. Since “potter” is still probably a profession, not a surname. That is, a person hardly related to power (armed) structures in principle. Perhaps this person has not yet been born.

7. The Far East will become practically a separate state, especially the “island-fish” (Sakhalin?). Something like a new race of people will arise there: “Mighty tiger people will give rise to a state,” in which “whites will unite with yellows.”

Here there is a clear fantasy of people who are far from the idea of ​​races and of the indigenous inhabitants of the Far Eastern islands of the Pacific Ocean. Apparently, a certain confrontation between the Russian Federation and Japan was meant.

8. “Three branches will merge into one, and there will be one tree.” Thanks to this, a new powerful state will appear.

Someone hastened to predict the unification of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. But in our opinion, this allegory is too misinterpreted. In fact, we are talking about the merging of the Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity, which is initiated by Mashiach, Hayk, Meshaik, Imam Mahdi – the messenger of the Almighty. Its presence on Earth has been repeatedly proven since 2016, and it is already setting the stage for the world.

9. Kamchatka will separate, it will be ruled by a “golden tyrant”, or “golden leader”, who will lead the country to great prosperity.

Again someone’s rash fantasies, for simple economic reasons. Kamchatka simply will not survive in modern conditions without dependence on the mainland – on the Russian Federation. The maximum that can coincide here is the rule of a successful governor, while maintaining the geographical belonging of Kamchatka to Russia.

10. England will be flooded, and the Crimea will turn into an island.

England will not go completely under water, although there are plenty of lowland places. It is possible that this island will be flooded due to the melting of glaciers, but this is unlikely to be a one-time and rapid phenomenon.

Crimea will become an island only in one case – if there is a catastrophic shift of the tectonic plates of the Mediterranean, but in this case, too many countries in the region will suffer, and there is no need to talk about Crimea as a special territory with control from somewhere.

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