The fateful prediction of the medium James Van Praag for Russia for 2020

James Van Praag is considered to be a powerful American medium who became famous as one who travels the astral worlds and communicates with the dead. What interesting things did he say and what news did he have in store for Russia this year?

Beyond reality

James Van Praag used to perceive himself as a connecting element between the world of the living and the dead. The greatest popularity came to him in the 1990s, when he conducted several sessions live on the air. He contacted the deceased relatives of those who were in the audience and managed to shock the accuracy of the information received.

His statements about death seem interesting, because the medium does not really believe in it. He says that he is able to communicate with souls that do not disappear anywhere and retain all the memories of earthly life. They exist in another dimension, they feel peace and you can reach them.

Van Praag writes in his books that the dead feel peace and enjoy the afterlife. So there is no Hell, fear or complete dissolution in eternity. The medium has a positive attitude towards the fact of death, perceiving “departure” as a stage of transition to a new and even happier reality.

Fatal prediction for Russia for 2020

James Van Praag rarely gives predictions for the future, trying not to go beyond communication with the dead. But he made several predictions, one of which concerned the future of Russia in 2020.

First of all, the medium previously hinted that a serious illness could arise in the Year of the Rat that would affect the whole world (most likely he meant the coronavirus). But Van Praaag believed that Russia had every chance of being one of the first among the affected countries to get out of the crisis and return to normal life.

But this will happen only if the great ruler declares himself. Moreover, Vag Praag believed that it would be a completely new person, but with the old soul of the former ruler. Perhaps this refers to rebirth, and the soul belonged to the one who previously stood at the head of Russia or the Empire.

If such a person declares himself at the end of 2020, then Russia will rise from its knees and begin to actively get out of the crisis without much loss for the people. If this person does not appear, then the country will have to deal with problems for a long time.

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